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A number of years ago I read a book by Lance Armstrongs team manager Johan Bruneel called We Might As Well Win. While it’s since become obvious that they took the concept way past the point at which they should have stopped I still think there’s a very good lesson in it. Read on for more…

The basic idea he had was that if you’re going to do a lot of work to do something hard you might as well go that little bit further and set out to excel at it. If Lance was going to do all the work to be able to finish the Tour de France then why not do more. Why not do enough to win. We all know where that led in the end but I think it’s an inherently good idea so long as you recognise the rules and stay within them.

If training 10 hours a week allows me to just finish an Ironman what could I achieve with 15 hours or 20? What about looking at all of the other things that I can improve like nutrition, recovery, actually doing the correct training so I’m not wasting time with junk miles. What if I got a coach.

How much harder would it actually be to do everything in my power to qualify for the Ironman World Champs in Kona. If I’m going to train for 18-20 hours a week then it made sense to ensure I did everything correctly. It was too much hard work and effort to waste all of that time.

Just doing lots more training wasn’t going to be enough for me to get to Kona. I didn’t have the natural talent or big engine that I could just increase my training and hey presto I’m fast enough. I would have to look for improvements in every area. I needed to find every advantage I could not just the obvious “low hanging fruit” of add more volume, as powerful as that one key aspect was. I still needed to look at every aspect of my life and start to make changes that would hopefully add together to give me enough improvement.

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