70.3 Intermediate Training Plan

70.3 Intermediate Training Plan €149

  • This plan is designed for a more experienced athlete stepping up to the 70.3 distance and is looking to race as opposed to completing. Built around the best sessions that we use ourselves and prescribe to our 1:1 coaching clients.
  • Workouts and detailed descriptions of how to do them and intensity guidelines.
  • Equipment guidelines
  • Heart rate zone guide


How will I receive my plan?
When you purchase a plan it will be emailed to you as soon as receipt of your payment is received.
Do your plans use power or heart rate or any other tools?
We believe the best way for an athlete to train and to race is on perceived effort however this must be learned so a lot of our training sessions are designed to not only develop your fitness but to also teach you how to race. We do however use heart rate in the early weeks as much as a communication tool as for it’s training benefits. It’s allows an athlete experience what we mean by when we say easy, moderate or hard as peoples perception of effort can be quite different. I may characterise easy as 4/10 you might call it 6/10.
How are the plans structured?
The plans are built in 5 sets of 4 weekly blocks with a recovery period built into each block. The plans are built using workouts we use in our 1:1 coaching services.
All TriCoach.ie plans are priced in Euro €
What payment do you accept?
We use PayPal for payments. You can pay with a PayPal account or a credit or debit card (e.g. Visa and Mastercard)
What’s included?
All training plans include all the relevant workouts and descriptions of how to do them, your race taper and a list of the top tips that Kona age groupers and pro triathletes use to sharpen and prepare in the last two weeks.
Can I move my rest day?
We normally allow for one rest day per week in the plans but we all know that life has a tendency to sometimes get in the way of triathlon so in this instance we recommend that you take an extra day and simply pick up with the plan the following day. Don’t try to squeeze in the missed session.
How do I know which plan I should buy, beginner, intermediate or advanced?
Go for the plan that fits in with your current or potential hours available to train. Be realistic if you are currently training 6 hours a week don’t try to jump straight to the advanced plan.
How fit do I need to be to start one of the programs? What do I need to do to prepare to start one of your plans?
This blog will explain what you should be doing to get ready to start one of the plans.*****
Do I need to include strength training?
Our plans include strength work in the water using paddles, pull buoy and band, on the bike using hills and overgeared sessions and running using specific sessions and hills. I’ve written some more about it here *****
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