One of my pet hates is people being late. The unfortunate part of this pet hate is that more often than not that people is me. For the most part I get away with it because I’m the boss but when it comes to training I try to always be early, it’s probably the only area of my life that I do.
I think it probably stems from showing up for group rides where athletes arrived on time but they did so in their car. They would then spend the next ten minutes getting on shoes, overshoes, gloves, helmet and assembling their bike while the rest of us stood around shivering.

As a result I tend to roll out a ride at the exact start time so as to encourage people to be there early and ready to go.

So with that little introduction to this weeks blog I will start at the end of the week, Saturday evening to be exact. Myself and Ais got all of our kit ready for the Sunday mornings run, shorts, t’s, gloves, warm gear for the post run coffee and clothes for work afterwards. While packing my bag I realised that I’d left my running shoes in the van after my last run. I decided I’d grab them in the morning on my way out.

We were up early the following morning and had a coffee before gathering kit bags and started moving towards the door. I went looking for the van keys only to have Ais remind me that we’d left it in work the previous day and had come home in the car.

I felt that horrible sinking feeling in my stomach as I knew I didn’t have time to go get my runners. The fact that we were doing a three hour run also meant that I wouldn’t get away with a pair of racers. My feet would likely be in flitters after three hours of mud and grass in featherweight shoes. I went rooting through the kit room hoping I’d find something suitable and eventually found a really old pair of trainers that I figured would do.

The problem now was that our finely measured schedule had been thrown out of whack and we were going to be late. I rushed back downstairs then rushed out and piled into the car and headed in to meet the lads.

In the end we were about five minutes late and I deservedly came in for some stick as I’m rather fond of warning people to show up on time of the run or ride or we will be gone without them.

Next week I’ll make sure I’m on time again and I might even wait a couple of minutes in case anyone else has lost their runners…

Anyway let’s crack on with this weeks training…

I think I’m turning into a runner. No swims this week (although that’s not so unusual) one 30 minute spin on the mountain bike and 7 runs.

There’s a part of me that is quite enjoying all of the extra time I’ve discovered while I’m not swimming or biking but I’m also starting to really feel that itch to start back “proper training”

So far the urge to sleep in and faff around the house or sit around coffee shops on my mornings off is winning out over the athletic side but I’m sort of afraid that if I don’t start back soon I’ll turn into a sedentary couch potato and with my propensity towards chocolate and ice cream binges I’ll likely need to start buying trousers with elasticated waists.

Monday 9: —


Monday morning included two coffee shop visits both of which resulted in chocolate cake consumption.

  • Energy: Sky high after the sugar and caffeine infusion
  • Motivation 5/10
  • Work off
  • Sleep 8 hours

Tuesday 10: 1:20 (1)

Run 1:20 15.5k fartlek run.

I really enjoyed this run and I’m starting to get those tiny flashes of being able to run again. Every so often during the faster parts of the session I’d feel something click into place and I would feel like I was floating. Arms and legs and breathing all working in perfect harmony.

Then, just as suddenly I’d lose it. I’d feel lumpy and uncoordinated and my breathing would be laboured and ragged. Those moments, though short, are worth the other 75 minutes of slogging. They’re like a window on where I’m heading, a look at how I might be moving in a couple of weeks.

  • Energy 8/10
  • Motivation 10/10
  • Work —
  • Sleep was poor last night. Might have something to do with yesterday’s coffee shop excesses…

Wednesday 11: 1:05 (1)

Run 1:05 12k

Included 5k tempo in the middle

I spent a long part of the 5k tempo in the middle of this run just feeling like I could run through a wall. It’s a good while since I’ve felt so good and running has felt so effortless (excluding yesterdays momentary flashes) The first couple of k’s were uphill into the wind and the next three were slightly downhill and with a strong tailwind. As a result I just got faster and faster.

I was running during morning rush hour and I was mostly moving faster than the stop start traffic. I felt really good, invincible and strong and couldn’t believe how well I was moving. The slow moving traffic only served to exaggerate in my mind just how well I was moving. That was until I finished the effort and turned back into the wind at which point I realised just how much assistance I’d had. Still, I buzzed all the way home on a wave of endorphins and adrenaline.

  • Energy 8/10
  • Motivation 8/10
  • Work —
  • Sleep 8 hours good

Thursday 12: 1:20 (1)

Run 1:20 15k
Today’s run had some short efforts and unsurprisingly after two days feeling like a runner again the fatigue started to kick in and on the first I was quite a bit slower than I’d expected so I stopped looking at pace and instead just finished the workout on time instead.

Friday 13: 1:35 (2)

AM Run :35 6k easy jog with Ais & the dogs

Lunch time 1:00 10k easy

  • Energy 6/10
  • Motivation 7/10
  • Work 11 hours
  • Sleep 8 hours

Legs were tired again today though motivation is still pretty good. Good enough to go out for a second easy run.

Saturday 14: :30 (1)

Run :30 5k easy

  • Energy 4/10
  • Motivation 4/10
  • Work 6h
  • Sleep poor




Sunday 15: 3:30 (2)

AM Run 3:00 32k grass

PM Bike :30 8.5k mtb easy Z1

  • Energy 8/1
  • Motivation 8/10
  • Work 7 hours
  • Sleep 9+ hours – good

I was very happy with today’s run, for the most part it was done in zone 1-2 and it was only in the last hour that the heart rate started to drift upwards. It was all on grass and trail so pace was a little slower than if it was done on road. It’s the longest run we’ve done in a while and apart from a short period of feeling flat in the middle I felt really good almost all the way through. I’m thinking I’ll try jumping in with the faster gang next Sunday and see how I cope with the quicker pace.

  • Weekly Total 9:20 (8)
  • Swim —
  • Bike :30 8.5k (1)
  • Run 8:50 95.5k (7)
  • S&C —

  • Monthly Accumulated
  • Total 22:20 (16)
  • Swim —
  • Bike 5:00 122.5k (3)
  • Run 17:20 179.5k (13)
  • S&C —

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