I’ve found over the last few years that it takes me months before I start to feel fit or strong. I suppose it’s the nature of the way we train, big volume coupled with a lot of strength work means that for months I’m moving relatively slowly and constantly drifting in and out varying states of tiredness as I get through the increasing workload. I usually reach a point a couple of months in where I think it’s not working, I’m not getting any faster or stronger and a couple of times I’ve gone and gotten blood tests to see if I’m unwell or run down. I recognised that phase over the last couple of weeks and I think I’m now starting to come out of that phase. I’ve seen signs over the last week that the body is starting to adapt to the massive load of the first three months and I’m feeling strong in all three sports. Thursday saw me do a 3.8k TT in the pool and I was very happy with the results. Sunday was one of the first times on the bike for almost as long as I can remember that I felt strong and lively, I even pushed the pace a little on the climbs and found myself not getting dropped. It was a good week of running too and although I haven’t seen a bump in speed on the run yet I feel like it’s just around the corner.

Anyway, read on for the weeks training.

Week 16

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Monday 9 3:50 (3) Work 1 hour

Run :45 8k easy jog

S&C :45 JB

Bike 2:20 55k easy hills

Ais is on a training course so I entertained myself with an extra bike spin after the strength session with John Belton.

Tuesday 10 2:40 (2)

Run 1:00 10k easy jog

Swim 1:40 5000m

50x 100 off 7-10 sec rec all within 3 secs of each other 1:44-1:47 very happy with this session. Felt great and briefly considered staying in to have a go at doing 100×100’s but realised I didn’t quite have enough time not to mention the fact that I had no drinks or food. I’ve got a real fascination with the idea of doing the 100×100’s and think I will give it a shot in the next few weeks. Watch this space.

Wednesday 11 4:00 (2) Work 8 hours

Run 1:00 10k easy

Bike 3:00 81k 26.7k avg light breeze & rain

Laps of Newcastle 6.5k loop. Splits 13:54, 13:50, 13:53, 13:03, 12:58, 12:53, 12:48 started easy & built into it. Road bike. Average 26.5 for first interval then 28.8 for second one. Probably a little quick on second one but I knew I wasn’t going to have time for a 3rd so pushed a bit.

Thursday 12 3:20 (2) Work 7 hours

Swim 1:15 4200 NAC wetsuit TT 3800 1:03:11

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Run 2:05 24k 16×800’s

This swim is one I both dread and love almost in equal measures. It’s a straight through 3800m TT done in the wetsuit. It’s a great training session with a lot of hidden benefits and really good practice for someone who doesn’t have access to the open water too easily. I tend to dread it a bit because it’s hard and I’m nervous that the numbers will be bad. On the contrary today they were good and I’m happy that I’m making good progress and fairly well on track with the swim.

For any runners out there you’ll no doubt have had a run where you were flying. Where you were just gliding along effortlessly. That happened to me today.

For about 14 seconds.

The rest of the run was hard going but the sun was shining and I was getting to run so all was good with the world. I was supposed to do 15×800’s but lost count and ended up with an extra one (I couldn’t have admitted to Ais that I’d only done 14 so didn’t take a chance and kept going) it was only when I checked the watch later that I confirmed I actually did 16. The variation in splits is mostly due to the lap I was running on. There’s some up and down on the fields I was running in. They were all run on perceived effort not pace or heart rate so I’m pretty happy with the consistency. Conditions were warm and breezy. The run was all on grass and the ground was mostly dry if a little soft in places. That’s my excuse for slower splits than last week.
Here are the splits if you’re interested in the numbers.

3:43, 3:37, 3:34, 3:33, 3:39, 3:38, 3:35, 3:42, 3:42, 3:41, 3:42, 3:34, 3:35, 3:37, 3:39, 3:44

Friday 13 3:00 (1) Work 8 hours

Bike 3:00 70k

Saturday 14 1:35 (2) Work 6 hours 

Run :50 10k inc 5k Parkrun 19:33

Run :45 9k

The second run was in the afternoon and I was cruising. It’s a good sign that I’m feeling good on the second run of the day in such a big week. I can feel the body waking up and adapting to the training load.

Sunday 15 4:25 (2) Work 6 hours

Bike 4:10 112k

Run :15 3.5k off bike
Today was a relatively short easy Sunday and I’m starting to feel good. It was a mostly flat route with only a couple of short climbs but I felt strong and was climbing well even though my legs were tired from the week. The run off the bike was very short and fairly easy. I’ll start to lengthen these out from now on.
All in all its been a very good weeks training. Outside of the training camp in Lanza earlier in the year it’s my biggest week so far with just under 23 hours and there was a couple of really good sessions and good signs that I’m starting to get fit. In particular I was very happy with the swim TT on Thursday, Saturday’s runs although short went well. I was pretty happy with the Parkrun, not my fastest time but I was more comfortable (I shouldn’t admit that, a 5k is supposed to hurt all the way) with that pace than I have been so far. I also felt great on the second run in the afternoon and would gladly have done double the distance.

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Total 22:50 (14) Work 36 hours 

S 2:55 9200 (2)

B 12:30 318k (4)

R 6:40 74.5 (7)

S&C :45 (1)

Monthly accumulative 44:20 (24)

S 5:55 18200m (4)

B 24:20 564k (7)

R 13:20 148k (12)

S&C :45 (1)