I’m still struggling with the training and extremely low energy levels. We are fairly certain that I’m allergic to the dog and if it comes down to a him or me I’m not too sure which way that vote will go… Read on for the week in training, such as it was.

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Week 9


Monday 14 1:30 (2) Work off 

Run :45 7k very tired

S&C:45 mostly flexibility & body weight work.

Sleep 7 hours very poor.

I had a very minor ticklish throat and was a bit blocked up going to bed. Under normal circumstances not something I’d even notice but the irritation meant a lack of sleep and after a relatively hard ride yesterday I woke feeling a bit wiped out. Very easy run this morning with the new addition to the family. We haven’t settled on a name yet so for now he’s just the dog.

Tuesday 15 0:00 Work Off 

Day off training still not feeling great but it hasn’t developed into a full blown cold or anything yet. Will try and recover for tomorrow’s sessions.

I’m starting to wonder if it’s maybe an allergic reaction to the dog. That won’t go down well, everyone’s fallen for his doggy charms, hugs and slobbery licking kisses. I’ll start on some antihistamines to try to knock it on the head.

Sleep 8 hours good

Energy low

Motivation low

Wednesday 16 :35 (1) Work 1-9 8 hours

Bike :35 17k turbo

Still feeling pretty poor, tried the bike this morning but despite going very easy my temperature rose quickly and I started feeling weak. Got off and had to lie down. Getting very frustrated. Saw the doc and he reckons it is an allergic reaction to the dog. Since we’ve all fallen in love with him sending him back doesn’t look like an option. On the other hand if I can’t get this under control I can’t train.

Quite the dilemma.

As a solution Ais suggested we build a shed in the back garden. She went on to say she would get me a nice bed, set up my turbo trainer and my very own Nespresso machine. So it looks like the pecking order has been reset at home. I’m hoping the antihistamines work. Either that or that Ais buys a big shed.

Sleep 8.5 hours good

Energy low

Motivation low

Thursday 17 1:55 (1) work 7.5hrs 

Run 1:55 24k 5×15 min efforts off 3 min jog recovery.
This run was all on grass so a little slower than it might otherwise have been, that’s my story anyway and I’m sticking to it.
Antihistamines did the trick. I’m feeling a lot better. So I don’t have to move into a shed at the bottom of the garden which is a bit of a relief. Run went well, this is one of the key Ironman build sessions we do.


Friday 18 3:00 (2) work 11-9 11 hours 

Swim 1:35 4000

Run 1:25 16k easy run just clocking the miles

The swim included a 1000 TT 16:54 another pb for this year albeit only by 5 seconds. I started way too fast going through the first 100 in 1:33 but ending up with an average of 1:41 if I had started a bit slower and held an average of 1:39 I would have knocked almost 30 seconds off it. I’ll try to control myself a little more at the start next time and see if it does prove faster. My pb is 16:42 but that was in a 50m pool which I reckon is quite a bit slower. So I’m still about a minute off where I was in ’13 but to be honest I’m delighted with the progress so far.

Saturday 19 1:10 (1) Work 6.5 hours

Run 13k 70 mins inc Parkrun at 4:20 target pace. 21:20

Sleep 8 hours good

Motivation 5/10

Energy low/tired

Mood was a bit uugghhh this morning but I felt better after the run. I was tired waking up and took it relatively easy on the run and kept it short. Tomorrow is the key session for the shortened week so I want to make sure I’m as recovered as possible for it.

Sunday 20 5:15 (1) Work 12-6 6 hours

Bike 5:15 147k 3×50 minutes at Ironman race pace on the Tri bike, calm, cool, damp not much wind.

Early start this morning. I was on the bike at 6:30 to make sure I could get the ride in before work. We have had a couple of late nights and I’m struggling with the lack of sleep. I’ve also been very lax with the food lately, eating cake every day and not getting enough proper meals. I could blame all sorts of things but really I just got lazy and thought I could get away with the odd bit of cake here and there because I’m training hard. The reality is that I possibly could get away with it but only if I’m doing everything else right, which at the moment I’m not.

On the ride I also didn’t feel great. The legs were sore, tired and a bit empty. The speed wasn’t as good as I would have hoped (is it ever?) but the pacing was good.

The other thing is that the harder sessions are starting to highlight any slight weaknesses. My hip flexors were sore after this bike ride. The diet, sleep and recovery also need attention if I’m going to be able to sustain the training load.

Sleep 5 hours poor restless

Weekly total hours/sessions 12:50 (7) Work 39hrs

Swim 1:35 4000 (1) 

Bike 5:50 164k (2)

Run 5:15 60k (4)

S&C :45 (1) 

Month accu. hours/sessions 39:35 (23)

Swim 6:00 15,500m (4)

Bike 19:30 516k (8)

Run 12:20 130.5k (8)

S&C 3:25 (4) 


The negatives from the week were low overall training hours and only 1 swim and 2 bikes. The positives are that the numbers from the swim TT were encouraging despite the low energy and lack of swimming for the last two weeks and despite the difficulties I managed a reasonable amount of hours for the week, not what I’d hoped but not a disaster, yet. As long as the dog issue is sorted one poor week won’t have too much effect.

Food diary:
A couple of people suggested I keep a food diary as part of this to show how we eat on a typical daily/weekly basis. Nothing seems to wind people up like suggesting they eat lots of fats or that we don’t eat before training. I can write a blog saying I trebled my swim volume and swam 30km in a week. Which could have gone quite badly and definitely isn’t something we’d recommend to beginners but if I suggest that they should skip breakfast before an easy ride or run and it’s like I tried to kick their grandmother. Food just seems to be one of those very inflammatory subjects. I have no issue sharing how we eat, fat adapt etc except that it’s something we offer specifically to our coaching clients and I think it’s probably not fair on them to put all of that info on here. If someone wants us to help them with specific issues then it’s probably best to contact us directly. You can do that Here

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