I’m feeling ready to race, or maybe more accurately I’m ready for a break from heavy structured training. I’m looking forward to lie-ins and a return to eating cake (Ais would probably tell you I never stopped eating the cake) I’m looking forward to 3 hours being a long bike ride instead of 6. I’m looking forward to mountain biking for fun and trail running. I’m looking forward to doing all off the stuff that doesn’t really fit in with Ironman training like putting a bag on my back and heading into the mountains for a full days running with Ais and arriving home that evening wet, dirty, tired, sore and full of the stories of the day’s adventure.
Don’t get me wrong I love Ironman, Ironman training and the whole lifestyle surrounding it but every so often I need to switch the head and body off and recharge to get ready to go again. The last month before a race is usually when I start to feel like this. The training is almost finished and all that’s left is to go and do it.

I think I’ve gotten as much training done as I could have and I think I’m in decent shape. I just don’t have any markers to confirm it as I haven’t raced at all this year. There have been some “breakthrough” sessions which sort of indicate that I’m on track but it’s hard to know as so much of the training is done heavily fatigued. Either way I’m feeling strangely relaxed about it all now. All I can do is try to nail the best race performance I can, that’s the only thing within my control. If I do that I’ll either qualify or I won’t but that’s not within my power to control at the moment so I’m not worrying too much about it.

Monday 12 1:30 (2)

Run :25 4.5k easy jog AM

Run 1:05 13k 1km interval set PM
I finally gave in and went to the doctors and got some drugs for the sore throat. He assures me that they won’t have any negative effects on the body for the race and that they are not on the banned list. Ais wanted me to do a second run in the afternoon (you could read between the lines and see “proper run”) after this mornings lazy short jog with the dog. I agreed it was a good idea but somehow forgot I was running later and had 2 pieces of cake with lunch. Let me tell you cake is lovely, running is great but join the two and you do not get lovely-great. You get wanting to puke. I’ll say it’s a lesson learned but I can’t promise that I won’t do it again if faced with the same choices.

Tuesday 13 :50 (1)

Run :50 9k easy

Wednesday 14 :40 (1)
Swim :40 2000m
Got into the pool this morning and bumped into Rob Hughes who is racing Ironman Wales this weekend. I normally don’t do the whole hanging around chatting at the end of the pool thing. I don’t leave myself enough time for it. If I’ve a 90 min swim to do I normally allow 85 minutes. I don’t know how I think I’m going to fit a 90 minute session into 85 mins but I keep on trying. Anyway Rob was pretty chilled as he’s only days out from his race and well into his taper so we ended up talking for 10 minutes and I still fitted in the whole 2k swim before they closed the pool at 9:30.
Thursday 15 1:55 (2)
Swim :55 2550m

Bike 1:00 35k turbo

Felt good in the water this morning. We swam in the local pool instead of going out to the national aquatic centre and I’m convinced it’s faster. I don’t know if it’s the depth of the pool or what but my times in this local pool are typically 5-10 seconds faster per 100 than in the NAC. Maybe it’s short, maybe they ran over budget when they were building it and chopped 2 foot off the pool to save money.

Friday 16 1:05 (1)

Swim 1:05 3100m 5×100 strong

1:50, 1:46, 1:46, 1:46, 1:48. NAC 50m

Saturday 17 1:30 (2)

Run :30 5k easy

Bike 1:00 32k easy no efforts.
This was the last chance to make any changes to the bike before its collected by Ship My Tri Bike who will transport it to Mallorca. This has to be the best investment anyone can make in their race. The bike and a bag are included and the bike is shipped complete so there is no hassle breaking down and rebuilding it for race day. I headed into the shop early before we opened to make the last few adjustments and fitting the race day kit. I have a loan of Bryan Mc Crystals disc wheel and also his 90mm front and rear Bontrager Aeolus 9’s that he’s been racing and winning on all season (hopefully some of Bryan’s success will transfer with the wheels) I fitted a new ceramic bottom bracket, new chain and my front hydration system. I headed out for the spin feeling like a little bit of a tool with the full disc and all on the bike but I quickly forgot about it and enjoyed the ride. Legs feel good.

Sunday 18 1:10 (1)

Bike 1:10 29k

Total hours/sessions 8:40 (10)

Swim 2:40 7650m (3)

Bike 3:10 96k (3)

Run 2:50 31.5k (4) 

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