Only four weeks to go. You spend all year preparing for an event that seems so far away and then all of a sudden it’s almost upon you. Four week to go means I’ve really only got two weeks training left when you factor in the taper. A couple of long rides and runs is all that’s left before easing back.

I’m divided between the thoughts that I’m not ready, not fit enough, haven’t done enough training and the desire to get it over with. It’s the longest lead into any race I’ve done and I’m getting to the stage that I’m tired of the training and want my life back, I want to lie in instead of getting up at 5am to go out for another 6 hour ride, I want to have a morning reading or loafing around the city (this usually only lasts until about 24 hours after the race then I want to go at it all again) anyway let’s get onto this weeks update.

Monday 22 2:25 (2)
Swim 1:25 4000m

Run 1:00 10k easy
Tuesday 23 

Wednesday 24 1:25 (1)

Swim 1:25 4000m
Thursday 25 6:55 (2)

Bike 6:25 166k

Run :30 6k

Myself and Ais are riding the four day Tour de Leinster, a sportive cycle event covering between 140-160k each day for the four days. The pace is controlled and easy with the exception of the last 10k before the lunch stop and the last 10k of each day where we are allowed “off the leash” and can race. For us the main aim is to cram in a bit of bike volume and I want to do some hard riding as I’ve done very little intensity this year and I feel like I’m missing those higher gears at the moment.

Friday 26 5:45 (1)

Bike 5:45 150k

To allow for the fact that the riding is very easy I tend to stay on the front of the group in the wind for most of the day and I also grind the biggest gear I can. I’ve found that big gear strength work is very effective for Ironman.

Saturday 27 6:10 (1)

Bike 6:10 163k

The first two days took a bit of settling in to. I’ve been off the road bike for a couple of months and grinding away in the big ring and the 11 all day in a position I’m not used to means the legs are sore. To be honest I was surprised that I’d get what feels like such a good workout riding at a relatively slow pace. The combination of 5+ hours of overgear work every day and 20k of racing at the end on tired legs have me feeling a little tender.

Sunday 28 6:00 (1)

Bike 6:25 170k

Weekly Totals Hours/Sessions

Total 29:05 (8)

Swim 2:50 8000m (2)

Bike 24:45 647k (4)

Run 1:30 16k (2)

S&C —
Monthly Accumulated Hours/Sessions

Total 78:40 (37)

Swim 10:50 30,400m (8)

Bike 42:15 1367k (13)

Run 19:00 212.5k (16)

S&C :25 (1)

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