Monday 15 

Very tired after all the excitement of Ironman Dublin 70.3 yesterday so just did some push ups and crunches and had a nap.

Tuesday 16 6:50 (2)

Bike 5:55 180k

Run :55 9.5k

Felt guilty after no training yesterday so I probably went out a bit hard to make up for it. A bit too hard as it happens and I was more than a little fried by the end of the ride. It was also a very long way off the usual negative split I would do on a long ride where I tend to start easy and build into the ride as I go.

I just went easy on the run off the bike. Not really out of choice but because that was the only gear I had today. I even had to stop at a shop and eat a Mars bar, a pack of Fruit Pastilles and a large Coke in the middle of the run I was hanging so badly. That sort of makes me think it wasn’t just poor pacing on the bike but also poor nutrition. I had to fight the urge to speed up on the way back to get it over with as the sugar overdose kicked in. I reckon I would have keeled over if I tried. Click through to read more

Wednesday 17 1:30 (1)

Bike 1:05 40k intervals

Run :25 5k treadmill

Thursday 18 4:00 (2)

Swim 1:30 4650m

Run 2:30 28k

The swim was a Css set 5×400 off :15 recovery and I was happy with the numbers and effort. The funny number was because we were doing what Ais calls racing the “lane-line guy” they take out the pool lanes after the morning session and we often end up pushing hard to finish a set before we are ejected to allow them raise the floor. I was hoping to hit 5000m but ran out of time before they changed the format of the pool.

Swim Splits 6:45, 6:51, 6:58, 6:51, 6:55

The run was a set of 800’s which I did on the track.

Friday 19 1:50 (1)

Bike 1:50 44k

Easy coffee ride

Saturday 20 :40 (1)

Run :40 7k

Easy run still sore & tired

Sunday 21 2:05 (2)

Run :50 8k easy

Swim 1:15 3350m

The swim was a strength set with paddles, pull buoy and band and just in case you’re wondering about the funny distance it was to “fix” the weeks overall swim distance. Thursday’s swim was cut a bit short as we ran out of time to finish out the 5000m planned and I finished at 4650 which for my distance ocd is a dreadful number. It’s now fixed and the weeks total is a nice round number of 8000 meters. I’m not crazy. Honest. I remember running with a guy who used to run laps of the car park at the end of a run to bring the distance up to what he called a proper number. If we finished at 9.5 miles he would run laps around the parked cars until he hit 10 miles while we were in ordering coffee. Although with hindsight maybe he just wanted to avoid his turn at paying for the cakes.

Weekly Totals Hours/Sessions

Total 16:55 (10)

Swim 2:45 8000m (2)

Bike 8:50 264k (3)

Run 5:20 57.5k (5)

S&C —
Monthly Accumulated Hours/Sessions

Total 49:35 (29)

Swim 8:00 22,400 (6)

Bike 23:40 720k (9)

Run 17:30 196.5k (14)

S&C :25 (1) 

Fried myself on Thursdays track session. I stupidly got carried away with it when I was feeling good and went too hard. I think it’s sort of like getting greedy. If “x” amount of training is good then x+y must be better. If x speed for this session is good then maybe if I just go a little faster it will be better. I started at the correct intensity and after 3-4 reps thought I could pick it up a little. When I could maintain that I thought let’s try a little faster and then for the last three I thought lets go full gas. I stopped doing what Ais is always teaching which is go on effort or feel and I started chasing numbers which resulted in going too hard.

The knock on effect was that I was so fried and sore I couldn’t train properly for three days afterwards. Friday was just an easy ride, Saturday’s run was slow and cut short because Ais didn’t feel there was anything to gain from slogging through a 70-90 minute run when I was that tired and sore and I was also too tired to do one of the key sessions of the week, the long ride on Sunday. Stupid amateur mistake.

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