I have a few days off work this week so the plan is to get a fairly big block of training in. We want to build up the volume without too much intensity first and see how I handle that. If it goes well Ais has some tougher sessions planned for later in the week. The picture is my birthday cake. I came home from work to find Ais up to her elbows in coloured icing and this work of art waiting for me. Beneath the swim, bike, run decoration is Ais’s chocolate biscuit cake.

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Monday 25 4:05 (2)

Bike 2:45 81k 1 hour big gear

Run 1:20 13k easy run off the bike
Felt good today and would have happily have done another couple of hours on the bike but the boss reigned me in. If I’m going to get back to doing not only the consistency but also the harder sessions needed then I have to be sensible regarding how much and how hard I go while I’m still building back to normal training.

Tuesday 26 4:40 (3)

Run :40 7k easy

Bike 3:00 80k easy

Run 1:00 10k easy off the bike
Kept the effort real easy on all three sessions today. Felt good & wanted to push on during the last run but the dog was struggling in the heat. In the end Asho took off and dropped both myself & Cooper. #lightweights

Wednesday 27 4:50 (3)

Swim 1:15 3700m

Bike 2:45 73k

Run :50 10k
Another good solid days training. The swim was steady and I felt good if a little slower than I would like to be. I was under orders on the bike to go easy so I can try to get a decent run session done tomorrow.

Thursday 28 2:00 (1)

Run 2:00 24k 5×15 min / 3 min jog recovery

Friday 29 2:55 (3) 

Run :45 8k easy jog with Cooper & Asho

Swim 1:20 4000m

PM Run :50 8k easy jog
40×100 off 1:55-2:00 and I held 1:43-1:47 all the way to 3500 before slowing. Very happy with the pace & how I felt in the water.

Saturday 30 :45 (1) 

Run :45 9k

Took the rest of the day off and ate cake

Sunday 31 5:55 (4) 

Run :30 5k

Bike 4:10 130k: 3x1hr intervals at a low cadence 31.5kph avg

Run :55 11k

S&C :20

I started the bike very conservatively and built into it. Each 1 hour block got progressively faster and I felt strong like I haven’t for quite a while and the numbers were quite pleasing. I have a couple of changes I want to try on the bike. I’ve been riding shorter cranks and smaller chain rings for the last 2 months and found it helped with my position as the shorter cranks put less pressure on the hip flexors at the top of the pedal stroke. The down side though is that I feel like I’m losing power with the smaller rings and shorter cranks. I’m going to switch back for a couple of weeks to see how they feel. The run off the bike went well. After starting very easy with the dog I ran the last 5k in 20:30. That’s only 35 seconds slower than I ran the Parkrun as a standalone 5k yesterday (maybe I should do a 140k warmup ride before my next 5k?) Or maybe I should just stick to the long stuff.

The day capped off what was one of the best weeks training I’ve had in a long time and there are signs that the body is really starting to come around.

Weekly training hours/session 

Total 25:10 (17)

Swim 2:35 7700m (2)

Bike 12:40 364k (4)

Run 9:35 98k (10)

S&C :20 (1) 

Monthly accumulated training hours/session 

Total 72:35 (44)

Swim 5:30 15800 (5)

Bike 39:20 1092k (13)

Run 25:55 276k (24)

S&C 1:50 (3)

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