This was a “testing the body/build week” after the last few weeks of not feeling great and I’m pretty happy with how it went. I managed close to 18 hours training again and I got a decent long ride as well as a couple of medium runs done. The only swim of the week was short but reasonably good quality and the splits weren’t bad. I’m hoping that the consistent 7 months of training has given me enough of a base that when we get what we think is the dog allergy problem that all of the built up fitness will just pop out.

Like magic.

At least that’s the hope.

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Monday 18 2:30 (1)

Bike 2:30 75k 
Easy flat ride on the Tri bike. I’ve been tweaking the setup and it is getting better. As a result I’m more comfortable in the tri bars for longer periods. I haven’t really been able to hold my old position since returning after the back op. My reach seems shorter. Could they have made me smaller? As the runt of the litter at just over 5’11 (both of my younger brothers are 3-4 inches taller) I am quite attached to whatever height I have and would like to hang onto it. I’m half afraid to check in case I discover that I’ve shrunken. I also felt a lot better today than I have for a while although that’s what’s been happening for the last few months, one good week followed by 2 bad. Fingers crossed I’m turning a corner.

Tuesday 19 2:30 (1) work 3 hours

Bike 2:30 75k

Similar to yesterday easy flat route on the Tri bike. Just riding around.

Wednesday 20 1:05 (1) work 11 hours 

Run 1:05 12k

Nice easy run.

Thursday 21 1:45 (1) work 11 hours 

Run 1:45 20k easy run

Feeling fairly good I’m almost afraid to admit it but I’m hoping the body is starting to come around. Aisling still has a tight hold on the leash though. As soon as I start to feel better I want to go out and do a hard 2 hour run or 6 hour bike but she is adamant we are building back slowly. It’s times like this that the perspective a coach offers is invaluable. When you’re so emotionally invested in something it’s almost impossible to be objective about training decisions and it often takes someone who can look at the situation dispassionately and logically to make the right choices. I’m sure some athletes are well able to do it for themselves but I’m not one of them.

Friday 22 2:00 (2)

Swim :55 2600m morning

Run 1:05 12k Easy lunch time run

Felt good during this swim and considering the lack of swimming all month this was a bit of a surprise albeit a welcome one. I did a Css set of 8×200’s and the splits were all within a couple of seconds of each other.

Splits 3:31, 3:33, 3:31, 3:32, 3:30, 3:32, 3:31, 3:31

I was really happy with the pacing but I need to retest to make sure I’m doing these swims at the right speed since its been a long while since I’ve done the TT’s to set the times.

Saturday 23 1:40 (1)

Run 1:40 18k

Sunday 24 6:15 (2) 

Bike 5:30 150k

PM Bike :45 16k

There’s still no efforts or hard work in the sessions. This was an easy long ride and I was delighted to get through it comfortably. I was tired for the evening ride home but very much normal training tiredness as opposed to the debilitating lethargy that I had for the last few weeks.

Weekly training hours/session 

Total 17:45 (8)

Swim :55 2600m (1)

Bike 11:15 316k (4)

Run 5:35 62k (4)

S&C —

Monthly accumulated training hours/session 

Total 47:25 (27)

Swim 2:55 8100m (3)

Bike 26:40 728k (9)

Run 16:20 178k (14)

S&C 1:30 (2)

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