I’ve been debating what to say in this weeks blog. 3 sessions in a week does not a Kona qualifier make. Admitting I’m having problems feels like admitting to failure but something’s not right and hasn’t been for a quite some time. The training hasn’t been having the usual effect and I don’t seem to be getting the resulting gains in speed and fitness I normally do with the level of training I’ve been doing. It’s been gnawing away at the back of my head that something’s wrong but I kept on telling myself it would come good in time. I also kept on telling myself that it was just the training volume and load that had me constantly tired but I think there’s something more than that. I’m seeing a doctor next week and we will hopefully get some answers. Anyway Let’s get on with this weeks fairly short update.

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Monday 11 

Off training
Tuesday 12 

Off training
Wednesday 13 3:40 (1)

Bike 3:40 98k

Struggling with the position on the bike and energy still very low. Not happy at all with how things are going at the moment. Ais thinks we have to back right off and both try to recover and try to get to the bottom of what’s going wrong. I’m of the same opinion.
Thursday 14 1:50 (1)

Run 1:50 19.5k easy run
Friday 15 

Off training
Saturday 16 

Off training
Sunday 17

Run 1:00 10k easy
Weekly training hours/session 

Total 6:30 (3)

Swim –

Bike 3:40 98k (1)

Run 2:50 29.5k (2)

S&C –

Monthly accumulated training hours/session 

Total 29:40 (19)

Swim 2:00 5500 (2)

Bike 15:25 412k (5)

Run 10:45 116k (10)

S&C 1:30 (2)

July was always going to be the hardest month to train as work is very busy and there’s a lot more hours required. I thought I would be able to keep going but it doesn’t seem so. I just hope I can get back training in any way next week.

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