Total training hours doesn’t always tell the whole story. Most of the time For me 18 hours is a good amount of training for the week but at this stage the quality of it is probably more important. Considering I didn’t get a long run or bike in this week hitting 18 hours is pretty good but not getting two of my key sessions done isn’t.

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Monday 4 2:55 (2) work off

Run :50 8.5k

Bike 2:05 51k

Tuesday 5 2:45 (2) work 3 hours

Run 1:30 16k easy run

S&C 1:15 John Belton

Very hard session. I’m gonna be sore tomorrow. Actually I’m already sore today so that really doesn’t bode well for tomorrow.

Wednesday 6 3:40 (2)

Run :30 5k easy jog with the dog

Bike 3:10 82k
In a complete bag of shite on the bike today. I was so sore I couldn’t hold the tri position for more than 15 minutes after the first hour. John Belton you are a bad man.

Thursday 7 3:20 (3) 

Swim 1:25 4000m

Run 1:40 20k 40 min easy 40 hard

S&C :15 core/back

I was tired, sore and slow during the swim (the result of Mondays very hard gym session) but it was normal training fatigue as opposed to feeling unwell last week. So I just did the 4000m Ais had set for the days swim and forgot about times, paces or splits. It was a morning just to get the work done. Heading out for the run an hour or so later I was wondering if it was just the upper body that was tired and it turned out that it was. The legs felt pretty good (I reckon the bike helped sort them after Monday) they certainly weren’t fresh as it’s been a heavy week but they weren’t nearly as fatigued as the arms were during the swim. The run was hard but really enjoyable. Well maybe satisfying is a better description. Satisfying after the fact, mostly it just hurt during.

Friday 8 1:35 (2)

Run 1:00 11k easy run

Swim :35 1500m

This started out being a long easy swim but I stopped early again with cramp. I’m going to give it another week or so of being really disciplined with the nerve exercises and if the cramping isn’t sorted I’ll go back to Eamonn at the SSC to try to get a solution. I can’t afford to lose more sessions because of it and it’s a killer that I’ve gone to the effort of getting to the pool and have to quit a session early because of it.

Saturday 9 1:25 16k 

Run :25 4.5

Run 1:00 11.5

Sunday 10 2:00 (1) 

Bike 2:00 50k easy

Weekly training hours/session 

Total 17:40 (14)

Swim 2:00 5500 (2)

Bike 7:15 181k (3)

Run 6:55 76.5k (7)

S&C 1:30 (2)

Monthly accumulated training hours/session 

Total 23:10 (16)

Swim 2:00 5500 (2)

Bike 11:45 314k (4)

Run 7:55 86.5k (8)

S&C 1:30 (2)
Although close to 18 hours training looks like a reasonable week it actually wasn’t great. I didn’t get my key sessions done. No long bike and no long run. I was really tired towards the end of the week and just couldn’t handle the sessions. I’m going to take Monday and Tuesday off and try to recover. It will be a very compressed weeks training as we are away Saturday night and Sunday for Ironman UK.

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