I woke Monday feeling great which is a really good sign considering the fact that I did close to 7 hours training the previous day. It really shows that the training is working. I feel like I’ve spent the last 6 months just getting fit enough to train properly. It’s taken that long for the body to adapt to the constantly increasing loads and now at last I’m comfortably getting through a 7 hour day and feeling good afterwards. I’m really looking forward to some more hard, long days as I think they too will start to deliver bigger improvement as I’m becoming better able to cope with them.

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Monday 27 2:10 (3) 

Run :30 5k easy jog with Ais & the dog

S&C 1:00 with Ais & John B

Run :40 7k

This was by far the best session I’ve done with John. I felt savage today & considering I had almost 190k on the bike and a 10k run off it yesterday I’m really happy with the speed of my recovery. Today we started heavier squats and I felt able to push hard on a lot of the other exercises too. Myself and Ais headed out for a short, easy run straight after Johns session and I felt like I could have kept on going all day.

Tuesday 28 1:30 (1)

Bike 1:30 42k easy ride.

Spoke too soon about feeling strong and recovering fast.

Sore everywhere.

Pecs, lats, shoulders, legs, glutes, even my goddamn ear lobes. Can’t hardly lift my arms above my head.

Can’t bend over.

Moving like a geriatric.

It even hurts standing still.

Fu****g John Belton….wait till I get you out of that gym John in fact why not come out for a 200k bike ride and we’ll see who’s hard then.

Just not today.

Today I’m gonna just gonna mostly sit here. And maybe lie down a bit too.

Wednesday 29 :30 Work 10 hours

Bike :30 12k

Woke with a cold so I headed out to see how I felt. Right from the start I felt empty and tired. I decided that there was little fitness to be gained from pedalling slowly for a couple of hours and it was only likely to prolong the cold so I pulled the plug and went home. Pretty much every session at this stage needs to have a purpose (even if that’s just an easy recovery ride) and the only thing I would have gained today by pushing on was to make myself more tired and drag out how long I’m unwell for.

Thursday 30 Work 9 hours

Off training

Friday 1 Work 9 hours

Off training

Saturday 2 1:00 (1) Work 9 hours

Run 1:00 10k

I ran the Parkrun on Saturday to see if I was better. The plan was to just get around easy but when I went through 500m and I was in third place and only a couple of seconds off the lead I decided to give racing it a crack. I pushed on and moved up to second and got close to the leader but the wheels started to come off before I even got to the 2k mark. I backed right off and jogged in the rest of the way. I didn’t think racing that hard and possibly prolonging the cold was worth it. The run seemed to clear the head though and I felt great for the rest of the day.

Sunday 3 4:30 (1) Work 5 hours

Bike 4:30 133k

I headed out at 6 am on for what I hoped would be a 6 hour ride and right up to the 4 hour mark I was feeling pretty good and going ok considering how I’ve felt all week but less than 10 minutes later I blew up completely and rode home very easy. I was happy enough with the day though the fact that I managed over 4 hours should mean I’ll be back to normal training next week.

Weekly training hours/session 

Weekly Total 9:40 (7)

Swim —

Bike 6:30 187k (3)

Run 2:10 22k (3)

S&C 1:00 (1) 

July Monthly accumulated training hours/session 

Total 5:30 (2)

Swim —

Bike 4:30 133k

Run 1:00 10k (1)

S&C — 

I came off last week feeling incredibly strong. That unfortunately didn’t last for this week. I picked up a cold and it meant I missed a couple of days this week. I also didn’t get any swimming done. The hours for the week were very low but it’s probably better to look at it as a recovery week and start into a new block on Monday rather than thinking of it as a lost training week.

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