I don’t have a training image for this weeks blog so here’s the dog looking bonkers. He had been causing trouble with all the allergy issues but now he is actually turning into a good excuse for a second run some days. I guess he’s gone from being a training hindrance to a training aid. Anyway it’s been all about the bike this week, swimming takes a back seat and the run is also a little neglected but I am finally starting to feel the results of all the strength work on the bike.
I do however suffer a bit as a result of being lazy on the S&C front. Read on for all the weeks goodness.

Week 15 

Monday 25 – Work off 

Off training

Tuesday 26 – Work off

Off training

Wednesday 27 3:40 (1) Work 8 hours 

Bike 3:40 93k

Long seated climbing intervals.

Thursday 28 3:10 (2) Work 8 Hours

Swim 1:05 2800m

Run 2:05 23k

I had to get out of the swim early as the left leg was cramping really badly. I knew it was likely to be a difficult swim before I started as the leg cramps had kept me awake a lot of the night. (The cramping is a hangover from the back surgery in 2014 that has never fully cleared up. For normal life it isn’t really an issue, it only gets bad with an increase of training)

I really need to be more disciplined in doing the “nerve flossing” exercises the Physio gave me which seem to sort it completely. I wouldn’t mind if they were hard to do but they take all of about 90 seconds total so it’s only being slack and lazy to neglect them.

I was really annoyed with myself that I’m having to cut a training session short due to my own stupidity and laziness. Of course I got stuck in to the exercises after the run. It’s like closing the stable door after the horse bolted.

Friday 29 4:40 (1) Work 8

Bike 4:40 110k

Another day of strength work and climbing. All of the climbing is knocking any speed out of the legs. I’m feeling strong on the climbs but lack any speed on a flat or rolling ride. It’s tough mentally to feel like I’m going backwards sometimes but I know that the strength work pays off for me in the long run so I just need to trust the program (and the coach, hello Ais)

Saturday 30 1:40 (1) Work 6

Run 1:40 19k

Sunday 1 5:00 (1) Work 6

Bike 5:00 105k 1950m climbing 5 fingers

Another day of long seated hard climbs and I had a gang of the lads we coach out to show them this session. On the first climb I was last after about a half kilometre. Eoin stayed with me commenting that if I was starting this slow it must be a savage ride so he’d hang back with me (I didn’t tell him it wasn’t just me being cautious but rather that I’d done this ride three times already this week and my legs were really tired)

The first climb was the shortest at only 300 meters ascent. I warned the lads what was still to come (another 1700mt elevation gain) as we headed into the second climb. Again I was quickly at the back but with a smaller gap to the riders in front. We rode back down and straight into the third climb. This time the gaps were much smaller again and at the top some of the lads started to question how much was left. We had being riding into nasty weather at the top of the climbs each time but quickly heated up the climbs.

I was feeling better the longer we went and on the fourth climb I was getting closer to and catching the riders who had started faster (to be honest I was really relieved as mentally it’s very hard to allow myself to get dropped early on to ride the session as I know I should so when I start to move up I’m reassured that I’m doing it right)

We headed into the last climb and I was feeling stronger and would have happily have kept going but I needed to get into work. We finished the ride with 105k and an average speed of only 21kph but everyone agreed it’s probably the hardest training ride they’ve done (I didn’t tell them we’ll be aiming for 3000mts elevation in a ride soon, if you’re reading this lads, Surprise!)

Weeks Totals 18:10 (6) Work 36hrs

S 1:05 2800m (1)

B 13:20 308k (3)

R 3:45 42k (2) 

S&C –

Monthly Totals 68:05 (39)

S 7:50 22100m (6)

B 39:00 926k (14)

R 18:15 194.5k (16)

S&C 2:00 (3)

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