Normal service is resumed, mostly, with a return to normal training volume albeit at a slightly easier intensity. The dog is even contributing to the training now (as opposed to killing me with the allergy) as we are doing some evening runs with him meaning I’m getting some good double run days added in as a bonus.

If you haven’t checked out last weeks post you can see it here 

Week 12 

M4 1:40 (2) Work off

Bike 1:00 23k big gear hill work

S&C :40 JB.

Week 2 of the very specific focus targeting the back issues. Already feeling results and starting to feel strong in the core and back.

Sleep 8.5hrs very good

Energy good

Motivation high


Tuesday 5 3:45 (3) Work Off

Swim 1:15 3600m 4×200 paddles

Bike 1:40 33k BG

Run :50 8k easy

Sleep 8.5hr good

Energy Tired

Motivation low
This week has a bike focus, in particular a bike strength focus so there is lots of seated climbing and big gear (BG) work. I feel like I’m way down on power on the bike so we are starting to address that (although I’m still not feeling great overall so it’s hard to know if it’s a bike or an allergy issue)

Wednesday 6 3:00 (2) Work 1-9 8 hours

Run :45 7k easy run

Bike 2:15 46k BG climbing

Sleep 9hrs very good

Energy 5/10

Motivation 5/10

I’m not sure if it’s the ongoing issue with the allergy to the dog or just the combined training/work load but I’m tired a lot over the last few days. There’s no signs of over reaching or overtraining yet (except the low motivation but that’s probably just the tiredness) so I’ll keep on pushing and doing the sessions as much as possible until I need to back off.

Thursday 7 3:00 (2) work 9 hrs

Swim 1:30 4200m

Run 1:30 17k

The run was 10×800 with 200 jog recovery all on grass. Very heavy going underfoot after a wet week.
Today was our squad group swim and run. Both went really well.

Sleep 8 hours v good

Energy good

Motivation high

Feeling much better today. It seems like I’m really up and down, one day good, one day bad. Hopefully I’m starting to come good and the allergies issue is sorted

Friday 8 2:20 (1) work 9 hours

Bike 2:20 45k 7xbg hill reps varying 5-15 mins
Really good quality session. I was a little tired but it felt like normal training fatigue as opposed to the unwell feeling of recent weeks. I was under pressure work wise so had to keep the ride short today.

Saturday 9 2:10 (2) work 6 hrs

Run 1:20 15k

Run :50 9k PM first 5k at sub 5min/k rest easy jog

Parkrun 18:50. Splits 3:55, 3:50, 3:44, 3:57, 3:24. This was my first sub 19 minute 5k since 2014 and I had to work really hard for it. I was racing for the lead the whole way which gave me the extra motivation to really hurt and push myself.

Sunday 10 work 7 hours


Weekly hours/sessions 15:55 (12)

S 2:45 7800m (2)

B 7:15 147k (4) 

R 5:15 56k (5)

S&C :40 (1)

Monthly Accumulative hours/sessions 25:45 (17)

S 2:45 7800m (2)

B 13:15 310k (6)

R 8:05 86.5 (8)

S&C :40 (1) 

The week went well training wise, the bike although it looks like very low mileage was all good quality with lots of big gear strength work. I have felt weak on the bike lately. I just couldn’t get “over the gear” and felt like I was having to shift down and spin to maintain speed. I find when I’m going well and getting strong I can bang it down into a big gear and just grind it out. That feeling of strength has been missing but I started to feel better this week the more over-gear work I did. It’s one of the types of training I tend to respond well to and get a great return on it.

Swim wise I felt good for the first time in weeks. Thursday’s session, our squad one, went really well and I felt strong and able to hold a good effort for the whole thing.

The running went really well with a couple of great quality sessions. Thursday morning was 800’s on grass and it was heavy going underfoot. I had to work hard all the way and although I started a bit fast, I haven’t done this one in well over 2 years so am out of practice, I was able to recover and finished the last 4 stronger. Saturday saw me race the Parkrun and I found myself in a battle from the start. A group of about 5 of us swapped the lead again and again. Each time someone went past a part of me thought the race was gone with them but each time I decided to fight back and just live with the hurt and pain. I eventually took the lead for the final time with an attack with almost 1km to go and I ran harder than I have in years with the fear of being caught boiling in my belly and head. I managed to hold on to the lead till the end and was delighted to see I’d run 40 seconds faster than last week, in fact it’s 40 seconds faster than I’ve seen in years. It’s amazing the willingness to hurt when you’re motivated by a win, even if it’s only a small local race.

The S&C session on Monday is savage hard but it’s having a really good effect on the core, back and also seems to be sorting out the cramping issues I was having in the left leg since the back op in 2014.

All in all a good quality weeks training, slightly low hours wise but definitely heading in the right direction. Oh and the dog allergy thing seems to be sorted.

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