The allergy to the dog seems to be under control and I managed to achieve the first aim for the week just to get back training in any way shape or form. I wasn’t concerned with intervals, quality or anything else. I just wanted to get a week of solid, consistent hours again. I’ll worry about adding in the quality of strength work or intervals, I just wanted to get back to basics. It really felt like going back to base training again, I felt unfit and like I’ve lost all the work I’ve done. The nervous insecure part of the athlete in me has been worrying about not just losing training time but losing the fitness I’ve built so far. The logical part of me knows that it won’t happen but the irrational fear gnaws at my stomach whenever I let it. I don’t know if it’s just me or if all athletes have the same sort of fears? I’ll probably feel the complete opposite in a couple of weeks as my confidence grows as the training starts to build again.

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Week 11 

(The first couple of days overlap from last weeks post my March wrap up. I have included them to keep the weekly posts sort of consistent)

Monday 28 3:35 (2) Work 12-6 6:00 Work 2 hours

Bike 2:40 54k v easy

Bike :55 23k easy spin home PM

Tuesday 29 1:00 (1) Work 2:00 

S&C 1:00 with JB

Wednesday 30 3:55 (2) Work 9 hours

Run 1:10 13k easy

Bike 2:45 61k

Seated steady hills.

Thursday 31 3:20 (2) Work 9 hours

Swim 1:35 4000m

Run 1:45 18k

Hilly run but I felt quite tired. Just logging the time this week.

F1 1:30 (1) Work 11-9 10 hours

Bike 1:30 36k

Very easy recovery ride.

Sleep 8 hours

Energy 2/10 very tired

Motivation 5/10

S2 2:05 (2) Work 12-6 6 hours 

Run :75 15k inc Parkrun 19:33

Run :50 8k very easy PM run
The morning run went reasonably well. The Parkrun went ok considering how tired I’m feeling just running easy. I guess the fitness gains from the first couple of months haven’t deserted me after all.

Sleep 9 hours (good)

Energy 8/10

Motivation high

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S3 Work 12-9 9 hours

Bike 4:30 127k

Run :45 7.5k PM

Sleep 7 hours very poor and disturbed. Ate 2 deserts the sugar kept me awake. My own stupid fault. Gotta work on the whole self control thing, just because I’m training a lot again doesn’t mean I can get away with eating shite.

Energy 7/10

Motivation high

The morning session was supposed to be an Ironman interval session but I started too hard, blew up and had some issues with bike position and saddle. All of which were my own fault and were avoidable.

Issue 1: I wore tights and shorts due to the cold (It’s something I do all the time in the winter on the road bike) but 2 big chamois pads don’t work at all well with a Tri saddle. Amateur mistake. I’d discovered this years ago but for some reason thought I’d get away with it today. I didn’t and was all chaffed, sore and unable to sit on the nose of the saddle from early in the ride.

Issue 2; was a lot of soreness in the hip flexors. My bike set up is the same as last year but my back problems must mean I’m not riding in exactly the same position. I’ll make some changes and get out on it again during the week. It’s possible that the tights and shorts issue also exacerbated this a bit forcing me to sit funny on the saddle.

Issue 3: The last problem was very poor pacing. I started at the same speed I was riding comfortably on this lap a few weeks ago and concentrated on hitting the time splits instead of focusing on my effort and blew up spectacularly after about 100k. These sessions are all about effort as conditions change from week to week as does the level of tiredness etc. Three amateur mistakes, but that’s what these sessions are for, learning and getting mistakes out of the way long before race day.

Weekly hours/sessions 20:40 (13)

S 1:35 4000 (1) 

B 12:20 301k (6)

R 5:45 61.5 (5)

S&C 1:00 (1) 

The weekly training hours are back to the level that they need to be at thankfully and the allergy issue seems to be heading in the right direction. I’m hoping that next week I will be able to build on this and start to deal with some specific areas that we think are weak at the moment.

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April Monthly Accumulative hours/sessions 8:50 (5) 

S – 

B 6:00 163k (2)

R 2:50 30.5 (3)

S&C –

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If you want to follow the numbers more closely I’m on Strava as Rob Cummins Wheelworx or if you’re more of a pictures instead of reading type I post on Instagram as wheelworxrob.


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