Training wise things really fall apart this week and I end up with the worst week since January. On the plus side though I make some excellent progress with sorting out the back and the nerve problems. I’m working with two of the best Physio’s I’ve found anywhere. If you’re looking for a really expert triathlon physiotherapist these guys are the business. Cillian is taking on clients and he hangs out over here. Tell him Rob sent you. Read on for the very short update on the weeks lack of  training…


Week 10

Monday 1:30 (2) Work off

S&C 1:00 with John Belton of No.17 PT

S&C Physio :30

I was back at the Santry Sports Clinic with one of the specialist Physiotherapists to see if I could find out what is causing the cramping problems in my left leg and also to see if he has any specific exercises for the back/core considering the big increase in training. I might not have mentioned it in the blog before but I have had fairly severe cramping problems all down my left leg since the back operation in 2014. Eamonn was the guy I saw there and he gave me a new S&C program to do with John from next week and what he called “nerve flossing” exercises to do daily. I have thought the problems with the cramping were nerve related from the back surgery 2 years ago and under normal load and training it’s something I could just live with but with the current load it will likely become a limiter either to the training or racing.


Tuesday off training. Work off


Wednesday off training. work 12-9 9 hours 

Still feeling very tired, I think the antihistamines are having some bad side effects so I’m switching to another brand. I’m hoping that it starts to have some effect soon.


Thursday 2:15 (2) Work 3-9 6 hours 

Swim 1:20 3300m easy swim. Tired but improved from last few days.

Run :55 10k easy

Spent the rest of the day feeling like I’d been run over by a bus. I’m getting increasingly frustrated with this.

Friday :45 (1) Work 7 hours

Run :45 7.5k easy. V tired.
Couldn’t manage 6 minute k’s and wanted to stop after 20 minutes. I know this run did nothing for the fitness and is possibly slowing the recovery but I feel like can’t sit around and do nothing.

Sleep 9 hours good

Motivation 5/10 but the fear of losing fitness as a result of lost training is becoming much bigger. I’m feeling very stressed and frustrated with the inability to do anything.

Energy very low

Saturday :40 (1) Work off 

Run :40 9k Parkrun 20:00

I raced the Parkrun and felt pretty good. Definitely a big improvement over the last week or so. I’m going to take the rest of today off and be sure I’m feeling right to start into a decent training block next week. It looks like the drugs are starting to work so maybe I won’t need to move into the shed after all.

Sunday 27 :50 (1) Work Off

Run :50 8.5k easy

Weekly total hours/sessions 6:00 (7)

Swim 1:20 3300m (1)

Bike —

Run 3:10 35k (4) 

S&C 1:30 (2)

Month accu. hours/sessions 45:35 (30)

Swim 7:20 18,800m (5)

Bike 19:30 516k (8)

Run 15:30 165.5 (12)

S&C 4:55 (6)

No biking, 1 slow swim and 4 very short runs and a total of 6 hours. Not exactly Kona training but I’m starting to feel like we’ve gotten a handle on the drugs/allergy and that I’ll get back to proper training next week. Here’s hoping.


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