This was one of the best weeks training I’ve had in years, certainly the best since I’ve been back Ironman training this time around. I’ve been addressing specific issues like bike strength and I’ve also been adding quality runs to the mix so the volume and intensity combine to make it a hard but very satisfying week.

Week 13 

M11 1:15 (2)

Run easy :40 7k

S&C :35

Easy jog with the dog this morning before heading into John Belton for a hard session. Felt really good after both. Turns out that the dog is now a training aid as opposed to causing problems with the allergies.

T12 2:50 (3) work 2 hours

Swim 1:00 3000m 18×100 paddles

Bike 1:30 53k hard intervals on turbo

Run :20 4.5k hard off bike

Really enjoyed this session. As I get further into the training I will start to do what we call big day training once a week. It will normally consist of an hours swim, 4-5 hour bike and a 40 minute run off the bike and as I get into the biggest blocks it will peak at a 4k swim, 6 hour bike and about an hours run off the bike. I will essentially do close to a full Ironman every week except the run. I will be in the pool at 7 and usually finish in time for dinner. I get a huge kick out of these days and the fitness benefits and the race specific learning benefits are massive.

W13 4:00 (1) Work 9 hours

Bike 4:00 78k

Variation on 5 fingers a local Dublin climbing ride. It comprised 1900m climbing mostly seated but I had to stand on the last climb for short sections. Legs very tired by the end. Had to go to work straight after so couldn’t do planned 40 minute run off it. If I’m honest I think I was more relieved than disappointed at missing out on the run.

T14 3:20 (2) 9:30-9 Work 10.5 hours

Swim 1:30 4400m

Run 1:50 22.5k

PM run. I had to cover both the morning and evening shift today so when I got the chance to sneak out for a run when we had a short overlap of staff I was delighted to get the main part of the session done. It was 15×800’s 200 jog recovery and supposed to be 2:15 long, I didn’t quite have the time to do the 2:15 but did get the intervals done.


3:21, 3:19, 3:17, 3:12, 3:20, 3:17, 3:15, 3:22, 3:19, 3:18, 3:17, 3:20, 3:16, 3:21, 3:21

F15 3:10 (1) Work 2-9 7 hours

Bike 3:10 64k 1422m ascent

Long seated bg climbs. Similar to Wednesday’s session today was all climbing. I was tired going out and on the first short warmup climb the legs felt empty but by the time I started the first of 3 long climbs I settled into it. By the end though I was feeling the effects on the legs and back.

Sleep 8 hours good

Energy good

Motivation high

S16 1:05 (1) work 7 hours 

Run 1:05 13k Parkrun 19:54

Tired today and ran over a minute slower in the 5k Parkrun than last week. I had felt good all week, nailed all the sessions and felt like I was really training well. I said that to Ais this morning after the run and she commented that’s how I always feel just as I reach a training limit. The temptation to push on at just this point is massive, I’m feeling good and things are going well and what usually tips me over the edge. Ais changed my long bike session for tomorrow as a result so I’ll back off a bit for a couple of days before hopefully ramping up again next week. It’s really highlights how very tailored the coaching is working with Ais.

Sleep 8 hr good

Energy tired

Motivation 8/10

S17 4:45 (1) work 6.5 hours 

Bike 4:45 131k

Flat, rolling big gear work. Probably close to 4 hours of the ride 53/11. Legs tired.

Weekly totals 20:25 (11) work 42 hours

S 2:30 7400 (2) 

B 13:25 326k (4)

R 3:55 37k (4)

S&C :35 (1)

Monthly Accumulative 46:10 (28)

S 5:15 15200m (4)

B 26:40 636k (10)

R 12:00 123.5 (12) 

S&C 1:15 (2)

That’s close to 60 hours training over the last 3 weeks and this week was one of the best quality I’ve had for a long time. It’s a good sign that at the back end of a decent block I can get so may good quality sessions in. I’ll back off for a couple of days to allow the body absorb the load and recover. I really enjoyed it and although I’m tired from the training I’m on a bit of a buzz.

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