Two weekly blogs in one week? Where did I pull those extra 7 days from you ask? The training diary has been a week behind all year to allow me an extra couple of days float in case I didn’t have time to get it up when it was due.

As a result conversations were always a little funny when someone commented on what they had read in that weeks might go a little like

“So you’re flying in training then Rob?”

I would pause and try to figure how they got that idea, I’ve been floored for the last week and then the penny drops, I was flying 2 weeks ago and that diary was published yesterday.

I would then try to explain why the blog is actually 2 weeks behind where I am and that I’m not really flying anymore and I see their eyes glaze over as they think “Jeez I was only being polite making conversation I didn’t want your life story” they smile and nod and I try to change the subject.

So seeing as how you came here looking for the update here is the life story. Or at least this weeks instalment. Read on…
It’s funny that I didn’t go as crazy not training for the last week as I might have expected to or as much as I normally would. I think the fact that work was so demanding both in terms of the hours and the work itself for the last few weeks meant that I was occupied and tired every day and it was almost a relief not to train.

The other aspect of it was that being this close to race day (I’m less than three weeks out now) I was too afraid to risk training while I was sick, even with only a throat infection. I just wasn’t willing to risk tipping myself completely over the edge in the hope of gaining that last 1 or 2 percent.

I’m also not really willing to go and get antibiotics as I would be very worried about the effect they would have on the body this close to the race, I would be afraid that they could do more damage than the infection. But maybe that’s just me being paranoid.
I don’t know if I’ve done enough at this stage but I feel sort of calm and accepting of where I am fitness wise. I’ll go out on the day and just aim to go as fast as I can. I’m thinking that I’ll race without a watch or Garmin. My first and I think one of my best executed Ironman races in UK in 2011 was done without a Garmin on either the swim or bike. I used one that day on the run as I wasn’t experienced enough to be able too pace a marathon on feel back then. I think that a part of me would want to race to my expected time and if conditions on the day mean it’s slower than usual I might cook myself. I’ll decide for sure closer to the day.

Monday 5


Tuesday 6

Run :25 4.5k easy jog

After a week of no training I was starting to worry that I’m losing fitness (it’s funny that the logical part of the brain knows I’m not but the emotional bit worries anyway) as soon as I started running this morning though I felt light and springy and it was easy. The throat infection isn’t fully cleared but I sort of needed to do something for the head more than the body. It was an easy jog with Ais and the dog so not exactly training, more like easy exercise but enjoyable nonetheless.

Wednesday 7 


Core, back and stretching. This was a half arsed effort to do something beneficial but not too taxing on the body. I’m including it for the purpose of “padding the hours” to make me feel better but the training benefit was negligible. If one of our athletes included a 15 minute stretching and core session as training I’d kick their arses. Maybe Ais won’t notice this one…

Thursday 8 


Friday 9 1:10 (1)

Run 1:10 13k

Easy run, felt good. Throat still not better but seems to be improving. I can’t remember having an infection last this long before.

Saturday 10 

Bike 2:00 60k

Easy session, feeling a bit flat but that’s to be expected after over a week off the bike and being sick. Happy to be back training.

Sunday 11 

Bike 2:00 64k

Easy start and built a little to a moderate cruise. Felt stronger than yesterday.

Still have the swollen glands/sore throat thing going on, that’s almost 2 weeks now. Not too sure what’s going on with that.

Total hours/sessions 5:50 (5)

Swim —

Bike 4:00 124k (2)

Run 1:35 17.5k (2)

S&C :15
Monthly accumulated hours/sessions 5:50 (5)

Swim —

Bike 4:00 124k (2)

Run 1:35 17.5k (2)

S&C :15

This weekend and the early part of next week see the last real training before taking the foot off the gas and heading into the taper. We normally do a full two week taper but because I’ve missed over a week training due to the mysterious never ending throat infection we reckon I’m not as fatigued as I would normally be so will try to get a couple more sessions in.


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