After the Dublin marathon at the weekend we took two days off completely. The aim was to run easy enough that we could make a more or less normal return to training by Wednesday. Neither of us had ever done a full marathon as a training run before so weren’t completely sure how this would work out. It turns out we seem to have gotten the effort about right as we were able to be back in the pool on Wednesday morning.

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Tuesday 1 


Wednesday 2 1:30 (2)

Swim 1:00 3100 easy 100’s

S&C :30

Thursday 2:40 (2)

Bike 2:10 65k

S&C :30

Turbo 2×50 min top Z2 at 80rpm

I was very happy with this bike session. The power numbers were pretty good and there was very little heart rate drift as the session went on which is a good indication of both recovery and fitness.

Friday 3 4:00 (1) 

Bike 4:00 124k

Long steady turbo mostly upper Z1 with short periods top of zone 2. Again happy to get another decent turbo done. This one was easier effort than yesterday’s. The hardest part of this one was dealing with the soreness in my backside. I’m a little out of practice at these very long turbos.

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Saturday 5 1:45 (2)

Run 14k 1:15 inc Parkrun

S&C :30

First run since the marathon last Sunday. The legs were fine during the warmup but as soon as I started running harder they felt sore and heavy. I just settled into a decent tempo effort and was happy to get it done. There was no urge at all to extend the run afterward with a cool down despite the fact that I should probably should have done. We went and ate a monster cooked breakfast instead. I just told myself it’s got lots of protein and I’ve got sore muscles in need of repair.

Sunday 6 4:40 (2)

Bike 4:10 121k

This ride was outdoors and despite feeling tired for the first hour and having a very easy slow start the last couple of hours felt great and the average speed just kept on coming up without any effort. Looks like this will be a good biking week which is good as I’ve done very little swimming.

Bike :30 12k PM

Short easy commute ride home after work.

Total hours / sessions for the week 14:05 (8)

Swim 1:00 3100 (1)

Bike 10:50 342k (4)

Run 1:15 14k (1)

S&C 1:00 (2)


Accumulated hours / sessions for the week 14:05 (8)

Swim 1:00 3100 (1)
Bike 10:50 342k (4)
Run 1:15 14k (1)
S&C 1:00 (2)
A 14 hour training week was as good as I could have hoped for allowing for last weeks marathon. In truth there was a part of me that was a little worried that recovery would be slower and it would cost me the best part of a weeks training. With only three weeks to go I didn’t really have the luxury for that. The plan for next week is to continue with normal training up to Wednesday and only do a short taper, we haven’t done the normal big volume of training in the last few weeks to warrant a full two week taper.

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