I’m flattened after just three late nights and three days of over eating at the weekend and that’s without any alcohol. I’ve always been a bit of a lightweight when it comes to getting enough sleep. I’m like a 4 year old, I can’t function without my normal 8 hours. Anyway this week will see us hit the city streets to run the Dublin marathon. We will do it as a training run. That will make it by far the longest training run I’ll have ever done. It’ll be interesting to see how we recover after it. The plan is to run between 3:30-3:40 and hopefully that’s easy enough that we’re back training by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Read on to see how it goes.

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Monday 24 :40 (1)

Run :40 7k easy

Tuesday 25 4:00 (1)

Bike 4:00 122k

Started easy and felt really snoozy for the first 1h40. I pulled in and had a coffee and was going to just head home I felt so tired but as soon as I got back on the bike I started to wake up and in the end did over 2 hours at IMRP. I got faster and faster and felt better the longer I went. The average speed came up each hour too.

For those interested in the numbers here are the splits for the ride. Everyone else, move along now.

Splits -avg speed for 10k laps

1st hour 28.2, 29.6, 28.8

2nd hour 26.2, 29.8, 31.9

3rd hour 32.3, 34.5, 31.1

4th hour 33.3, 31.0, 28.9


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Wednesday 26 1:50 (2)

Swim 1:20 3800

S&C :30

Thursday 27 1:00 (1)

Bike 1:00 30k

Aerobic turbo with the heat on 40 mins top of Z2 BG.

Friday 28 :55 (1)

Swim :55 3000m

Saturday 29 :40 (1)

Bike :40 18k Z1 easy

Sunday 30 3:40 (1)

Run 3:40 42k

Dublin Marathon

We started out at just over 3:30 marathon pace with the aim of coming in somewhere between 3:30-3:40 but most importantly without trashing ourselves. Ais was cruising and in great form but because there was so much support on the course and she knows so many runners she spent most of the day speeding up and slowing down. Every time she saw someone she knew she’d unknowingly pick up the pace while shouting a greeting and waving. I had to laugh as she normally hates constantly changing paces during a run.

This was by far the best Dublin marathon I’ve done if not the most enjoyable one ever. The support on the course was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and we must have had over 100 people congratulate us on the wedding. The last mile into the finish had the hair standing up on the back of my neck.

If you’ve never done Dublin marathon go and sign up right now. It’s got to be one of the best anywhere in the world.

Total hours & sessions 12:45 (8)

Swim 2:15 6800 (2)

Bike 5:40 170k (3)

Run 4:20 49k (2)

S&C :30 (1) 

Accumulated 50:10 (44)

Swim 10:40 31,300 (9)

Bike 22:15 685k (15)

Run 16:00 189k (17)

S&C 1:05 (2)

So that’s another week done, another marathon under the belt and we are now only 3 weeks from the Ironman. The month felt easy for the most part, a part of me is afraid it was too easy. As the pre race nerves start it doesn’t feel like I’ve done enough. At the same time I know that realistically I couldn’t have done much more allowing for recovery from Ironman Mallorca, a couple of easy days before and after Dublin marathon and the small matter of the wedding. All in all I’m happy with the sessions I’ve gotten done especially last weeks 4 hour ride, the numbers were good considering the relative lack of biking this month and the marathon went really well. It’s by far the longest training run I’ve ever done and because we cruised around really easy the recovery should be fairly fast. I’m certainly much less sore than after any other marathon I’ve done.

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