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Two Irish athletes qualified for Kona 2018 at Ironman Arizona 

We had another two Irish athletes take not only Kona slots but also an Ironman trophy and a spot on the podium. 

Click on through to see who are the latest members of the Irish 2018 Kona contingent. 

That’s Ivan on the left with the hair of a 25 year old despite the fact that he’s in his forties

Ivan O’ Gorman 

Ivan took out 2nd in his age group and 35th overall in a time of 9:26:41. After what looked like a difficult swim Ivan had his work cut out for him as he exited the water in 523rd place overall and 68th in his age group. 

His race really started on the bike where he went on to ride 4:54:36 for the 180k which was the third fastest split in his category. 

Ivan has always been an exceptional runner and he put in the fastest split of his category of the day running himself up to 2nd place and taking an incredible eight Kona qualification. 

  • Swim 1:13:57 68th 
  • T1 3:58
  • Bike 4:54:36 3rd
  • T2 1:42
  • Run 3:12:30 1st
  • Overall 9:26:41 2nd 

Mark Mc Cabe 

Mark Mc Cabe from Dublin took a Kona slot in the 45-49 age group with a fifth place. 

  • Swim 1:03:58 18th
  • T1 4:26
  • Bike 4:56:34 7th
  • T2 2:20
  • Run 3:39:34 10th
  • Overall 9:46:50 5th/333 57th/2236

Owen Martin eight time Kona qualifier was also racing in Arizona but crashed on the bike which resulted in three broken ribs and a broken collarbone. He obviously couldn’t finish, our best wishes go to Owen and no doubt we will see him line up again in 2018 to take another Kona slot. 

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Kona 2012 Race Report 

I’ve been asked to post any old race reports I have and I’ve put a couple of them up over the last few months. Here’s my first Kona experience in 2012.
It’s hard to know where to start with this one. I’ve been waiting to get to this start line for 15 years or more and its all exceeded any expectations I’ve ever had.

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Adopted Irish athletes qualified for Kona at Ironman Wales and Ironman Italy

We had two local athletes qualify for Kona in the last month. We may do well to try and “adopt” them under the “granny rule” that is common in international football especially as they are both fast. You can never have too many fast athletes representing at Kona. One of them took a slot at Ironman Wales, the other at Ironman Italy. Click on through for details  Read More

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Lionel Sanders at Kona 2017

Lionel Sanders is a force of nature. He’s changing himself and along with it our sport.

Every so often someone comes along who changes the rules. Someone who redefines what is normal, or reasonable or even what’s possible. Lionel has been challenging our perception of what’s normal or reasonable with his unorthodox training methods. Training almost exclusively indoors all year round was unheard of before Lionel.

Now he has shown that he has what it takes to change how races at run and he is determined to etch his name on the monument of our sport, Ironman Hawaii. Read More

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Best Of The Month In Ironman

I’ve found a couple of interesting Ironman articles online this month. Click on through to learn just how much is a weak swim costing you in Ironman. Why race entry fees are causing Dan Empfield of Slowtwitch problems. Just what is Irondog? And we also look at what have been the two most popular articles this month rights here on Tricoach.ie

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Irish athletes qualified for Kona 2017 

Updated 7th August 2017

I’ve updated the list to include athletes who qualified at Ironman Maastricht in August, IMUK, Austria and Santa Rosa in July. With only a month to go time is running out for anyone who’s looking to take a Kona slot. Click on through to check out the latest Irish additions to the Kona start list.

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Kona Training Secrets You’ll Wish You Didn’t Know

Did you ever wonder what it takes to get to the Ironman World Champs in Kona? It’s easy to think it’s just talent. You either have it or you don’t. Alan Ryan shows us that it’s more about doing the work than being born with the correct genes. He also shows us that maybe it was a touch of craziness that took him onto the podium in Kona not once but twice. God help his kids…


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How To Start Ironman Training

rob cillian

Rob Cillian

How to make your fitness and Ironman New Years resolutions sustainable and successful.

It’s that time of year when we all rush headlong into our New Years goals. We set targets and make big, exciting new plans. I’m no different and January usually signals the start of structured training for me. One of the most important things I’ve learned over the last number of seasons is to start slow.

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