Things start to unravel at the start of the week forcing a change of plan. Trying to balance the training, work and life can sometimes prove a bit tricky.

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Week 8 
Monday 1:00 (1) Work 2 hours 

S&C 1:00 John Belton, getting to heavier weights today with some Olympic squatting

Sleep was very poor last night. Woken at 5 am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Switched off the alarm at 6, thought it would be better to take today as an easy day and eventually fell back asleep for a couple of hours. Will probably train Friday (which was my planned day off) instead. Felt good during the day.

Motivation 9/10

Energy 9/10

Tuesday 2:50 (2) Work off

Swim 1:25 4000m

Run 1:25 16k (WNR 1:23:12) This is our hilly 10 mile loop, I ran easy on the climbs and steady on downhill and flat sections. I felt pretty tired & sore from yesterdays gym session but I was very happy with the time  considering I was going easy.
Sleep: 6.5 hours poor

Motivation: 6/10

Energy: tired

Wednesday Work 10 hours

Off training

Sleep 5 hours poor

Energy low, tired

Motivation low 4/10

Thursday 1:20 (1) work 9:30-9 11.5 hours

Swim 1:20 3000m

Easy recovery/technique swim. Feel like I’ve been driven over by a bus.

Energy low

Motivation very low

Sleep 5 hours very poor
This was supposed to be a swim/run but we had someone out sick at the shop so I needed to go in to cover. To be honest it was a huge relief to get out of the pool to see the text. It was like getting a little present. Normally I would spend the day figuring out how to fit the run in later but today I’m just glad of the “out”. Not too sure why I’m not sleeping. Three days of it and I’m flattened. I never respond well to missing sleep, Ais says I need sleep like a toddler, and like a toddler I get cranky and useless when I don’t get enough. 

Friday :35 Work 12-9 9 hours


Bike :20 8k
Sleep almost 10 hours.

Motivation returning

The only things I can think of that caused the sleepless nights are that I possibly had too much coffee for the last few days and that I’m not switching the head off from work. Anyone who works for themselves knows how difficult it can be to draw a line between work and the rest of your life. I’ve always found it hard particularly as I’m so heavily involved in the sport that the business is based around. It’s great to be able to work at something I love but I need to remember to have boundaries. Particularly mental boundaries. Working until after 9 in the shop then bringing more work home just means my brain is wired and won’t switch off so I lie there for hours trying not to wake Ais (not always successfully) anyway, the lesson for today is switch the head off. Hopefully I sleep again tonight and I’m feeling good tomorrow so that the week won’t be a total write off.

Saturday 1:00 (1) Work 7 hours

Run 1:00 12k

This was an easy run with no efforts. Felt a bit better than the last few days.

Sunday 4:00 (1) Work 8 hours

Bike 4:00 110k

Included close to 3 hours of very Ironman  specific intervals. This is one of the most important training sessions we do for Ironman. It not only has a massive training benefit but teaches a huge amount about Ironman racing. It has to be done in a very specific way to gain the maximum effect. If I’m honest I probably went a little too hard but that’s a big part of this session, learning correct pacing.

Weekly total hours/sessions 10:45 (8)

Swim 2:45 7000m (2) 

Bike 4:20 118k (2)

Run 2:25 28k (2) 

S&C 1:15 (2) 

Work 47.5 hours

Month accu. hours/sessions 26:45 (16)

Swim 4:25 11500m (3)

Bike 13:40 352k (6)

Run 7:05 70.5 (4)

S&C 2:40 (3)

Weekly thoughts & wrap up:

It’s been a pretty poor week training wise if you just look at the numbers but it is a very good example of how important it is to have everything set up and going right when we are trying to subject the body to big training loads. As soon as one part of the structure collapses (in this case sleep and recovery) it all overloads very quickly and the whole thing comes apart. To be honest I was probably skirting up to the limit of what I could reach in this block anyway. With close to 60 hours training in the last three weeks I was getting to the stage that I needed a few easy days. The poor sleep just pushed me over the edge and forced the issue. Looking at the overall picture I’m happy with what we’ve achieved this soon and where I am after just 2 months.


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If you want to follow the numbers more closely I’m on Strava as Rob Cummins Wheelworx or if you’re more of a pictures instead of reading type I post on Instagram as wheelworxrob.


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