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The first two weeks of February saw me build in the training routine. I find it’s the best way to start. For the first month or so just the physical load of extra sessions and the stress of fitting them into your life provides enough to deal with. After about four weeks we start to flesh out the individual sessions to add in volume, always concious that it’s 8 months to go to Ironman Mallorca and starting too fast is likely to backfire.

If you read my first two weeks training log from January here you might have noticed that I keep track of work hours.

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This is for two reasons;

  1. I want to show that while we have a fairly flexible work setup I do work full time. In fact we run two businesses. I want to show this to illustrate that even with a busy life it’s possible to fit in a big goal.
  2. It will let you see the “structure” of our lives as I think a lifestyle that allows a lot of training and recovery is one of the key requirements in getting to Kona, not having a load of talent or a big engine.
  3. I also keep track of my sleep patterns (hours slept and quality) as this is a good way to see patterns emerge regarding recovery and can show signs of overtraining.

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Week 3

Monday 1:  1:55 (2) Work 3 hours

Swim 3400 1:15

S&C :40 With J.B. The progress with John is slow and if I’m honest it’s because I’m not doing the homework. John has given me work to do between sessions with him but I have been too lazy to do them. The aim for this week is small, do 1 extra session of 10-20 minutes at home. If I don’t then this back issue is going to take months to sort out.
Tuesday 2: Work: 3 hours

Off training
Wednesday 3: Work: 9hrs: 1-9

Off training

Thursday 4: 2:50 (2) Work: 9 hours 1-9 

Swim 1:15 3300m including 1000m TT in 17:51.

I wanted to see have a mark of where my swim is. And it’s a very slow mark but on the bright side it gives me something to improve (I think I would struggle for motivation if I felt I had no room for improvement)  and, Mallorca is a long way off thankfully. I will repeat this TT regularly to guage progress. It’s very important to know that what I’m doing in training is effective and testing is the best way to quantify it.

Bike 1:35 56k 5×5 oly pace turbo

Friday 5: 2:45 (1) Work: 9hrs: 1-9

Bike 2:45 54k hills big gear steady
Saturday 6:  2:10 (2) Work: 7hrs: 11-6

Run AM 1:05 12.5k inc Parkrun I improved my 5k time again today taking it down to 19:38. I often think that 5k is one of the hardest distances. It just hurts from start to finish.

Run PM 1:05 11.5k easy jog home from work, took a slightly longer way home. Felt good if a little stiff after I warmed up.

Sunday 7 3:40 (1) Work 7 hours 11-6  

Bike 3:40 87k Big gear work on rollers & flat for 2+ hours of the ride.

Weekly totals hours/sessions: 13:20 (8) Work: 47 hours

Swim 2:30 6700m (2)

Bike 8:00 197k (3)

Run 2:10 34k (2)

S&C :40 (1)


Monthly Accu hours/sessions: 13:20 (8) Work: 47 hours

Swim 2:30 6700m (2)
Bike 8:00 197k (3)
Run 2:10 34k (2)
S&C :40 (1)

Week 4

Monday 8 :30 (1) Work: off

S&C :30 John Belton. Today was a short session with John. More of the same, light weights, stretching and working on the back.

Tuesday 9 1:25 (1) Work: 2 hours

Swim 1:25 4000m 400’s Splits: 7:36, 7:42, 7:43, 7:45, 7:47, 7:51, 7:48, 7:50, 7:55, 8:02

First 4k swim done and it’s obvious from the splits that strength endurance as well as fitness are the big limiters at the moment.

Wednesday 10 3:00 (2) Work 8 hours 1-9 

Swim 1:20 4100m

Run 1:20 16k WNR 1:19:49

Bike :20 8k short commute and it shouldn’t even be listed as training if I’m being honest….
Thursday 11 3:00 (1) Work 1-9  9 hours

Bike 3:00 63k Easy ride no efforts
Friday 12 0:00 Work 10-9 11 hours

Off training

Saturday 13 0:00 Work off

Off training, traveling to the Ship My Tri Bike Training camp in Lanza.
Sunday 14 5:00 (3) Work Off

Swim 1:25 4000m Early morning swim, the pool is outside our apartment so it will be easy to add in swims all week.

Bike 3:10 73k over 2.5 hours of the ride was controlled big gear effort.

Swim :25 950m I jumped in before dinner and did a really easy recovery swim, no efforts. Felt pretty good considering the 4k this morning.

Total Hours/Sessions 12:55 (9) Work 30 hours

Swim 4:35 13050 (4)

Bike 6:30 144k (3)

Run 1:20 16k (1)

S&C :30 (1)

Monthly accu hours/sessions 26:15 (17)

Swim 7:05 19750 (6)

Bike 14:30 341k (7)

Run 3:30 50k (3)

S&C 1:10 (2)

Two solid weeks done in terms of workout frequency. Now comes the volume…


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