February was a good consistent training month. In fact training hours wise it turned out to be the biggest February I’ve ever had just beating 2013’s hours, my previous biggest although this month it was helped by a solid training camp in Lanzarote.

If you want to follow the numbers more closely I’m on Strava as Rob Cummins Wheelworx or if you’re more of a pictures instead of reading type I post on Instagram as wheelworxrob.

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The routine is fairly well in place now and I’m gradually adapting to the load. Week 5 was the week in Lanza and the target was to load up on volume but not do anything hard, no big efforts. The bike was to be long, steady with lots of over-gear work, the swim target is to hit 30k which would be my biggest week ever.You can read more about how that went here. The run was almost incidental. The plan was to do all runs easy but my exuberance got the better of me on one of the days. Anyway onto the numbers.


Week 5

Monday 5:25 (3) Work Off

Swim 1:05 3050m In the pool early and aiming for 4-5k a day. The 50 extra was because I was 50m short on last nights swim… Only a light touch of the old OCD.

Bike 4:00 89k 2.5-3hr hard big gear efforts. Savage wind all day, epic stuff. We must be minor legends in our own underpants to be out riding in that.

Swim :20 1000m Easy
Tuesday 16 5:00 (4) Work 2 hours

Swim 1:00 2900m the heating is broken in the pool and the water is getting cold, it’s hard to stay in any longer. Bit of a first world problem really…

Bike 2:45 49k Shorter bike ride today, the wind was savage again. Most of the ride was spent grinding away in the big ring. If I don’t comer out of this week riding and swimming like a boss I’m retiring…

Swim :25 1100m easy

Already my splits are dropping even with the tiredness I’m about 10 seconds quicker per 200 than last week and I’ve hit 13,000 meters so far for the camp. Roll on the 30k…

200 splits 3:32, 3:33, 3:31, 3:35, 3:51

Run :50 8.5k easy trail felt good

Wednesday 17 1:25 (2) Work 4 hours

Swim :40 2000m Pool was cold, cold, cold. I never would have believed that I would be wishing for my nice warm indoor pool back home when I saw this one.

Swim :45 2000m easy/steady 400’s 7:32, 7:03, 7:06, 7:10, 7:58
Thursday 18 5:20 (4) Work off

Swim 1:10 3550m easy I was very tired for this one. Who the hell came up with the idea of a 30k week in the pool?!?

Bike 1:50 38k hill repeats. It dumped down with rain and storm force winds. I was wearing every cycling jacket I brought. Ais actually got off the bike and hid behind a boulder at one stage because things got so bad. Epic stuff. We were definitely legends in our underpants today.

Run 1:40 16k After the shortened bike we felt the need to go a bit longer on the run. 8k uphill, 8k down. Nice run

Swim :40 2000 sore & tired but the splits are still ok

3×300’s easy/steady 5:26,24,20

3×100’s hard (off 2:00) 1:39,37,42

400’s v easy 7:31, 7:34

The session was more for entertainment than having any real structure. Struggling mentally a bit in the pool at this stage but I’m getting a savage kick out of seeing the distance rack up each day and I can’t wait to see the effect of such a big week.

Friday 19 3:40 (4) Work 2 hours

Bike 1:40 31k More storms, more wind, more legendary stuff. I don’t know how Ais managed to ride at all the wind was so bad at times, at 50kg I thought she was in danger of being blown off the road. We cut the ride short and went back to the pool.

Swim :50 2450m

10×100 off 10sec 1:45,45,45,44,44,43,43,42,43,44

1000 straight tt 17:54 (26,350 camp accu)

Run :40 8.5k build to hard

Swim PM :30 1350 10×100’s hard. I wrote about the stupidity of trying to follow Ciara Sheridan doing 100’s here in what was supposed to be a recover swim. It all went quite badly.

Anyway here are the splits: 1:35,37,37,36,38,34,36,37,37,35 and the good news is that I have hit 26,350 so far for the camp
Saturday 20 2:25 (3) Work 4 hours

Run 1:10 13k build to IM pace

Swim :30 1400m

Swim :45 2350m 2×500’s easy 9:01, 8:59

1000m tt 16:59

I was so tired at this stage that I just wanted the swimming to be over. I couldn’t even think of an entertaining set to round out the week with so I decided to do the last 1k straight through. I started easy and only realised I was on for a decent time after about 400 meters. I actually went almost a minute faster than in my 1k TT 2 weeks ago without really trying and with 30km swimming in my arms this week!
Sunday 21 Off training Work 8 hours 10-6

Total hours/sessions 23:15 (20) Work 20 hours

Swim 8:40 25150m (12)

Bike 10:15 207k (4)

Run 4:20 46k (4)

S&C 0:00

Monthly Accu Hours/sessions 49:30 (37)

S 15:45 44,900m (18)

B 24:45 548k (11)

R 7:50 96k (7)

S&C 1:10 (2)

So it was a decent weeks training as far as total hours and swimming and running goes but a bit disappointing as far as the bike went. The quality when we got out was good but the volume was low for a training camp. The key now will be to absorb the load and recover.


Week 6

Monday 22 :50 (1) Work 2 hours

S&C :50 John Belton. Got started on the weights today with squatting. John was right to wait. I was still a bit wobbly so he kept it light. But I’m still not doing the homework. Gotta get my arse in gear.

Tuesday 23 4:10 (2) Work 4 hours

Bike 3:15 72k easy no efforts

Run :55 10k

Wednesday 24 1:10 (1) work 11-9 10 hours

Bike 1:10 23k easy

Thursday 25 3:15 (2) Work 10-9  11 hours

Swim 1:25 4000m 400’s

Bike 1:50 42k hard hill repeats 8min approx. I misunderstood Ais when she gave me this session and went too hard. As a result I was fried all day. I’m a toolbox, should have known better that it wasn’t the right session for this week.

Friday 26 1:45 (2) Work 10-6 8 hours

S&C :20 Finally getting into the groove, the motivation to start ticking all the boxes (S&C, nutrition, sleep etc) is coming back.

Swim 1:25 4000 4x10x100’s aiming for 1:40-45 off 5-10 secs (30 secs every 10). Splits 1:45,44,44,44,43,44,43,42,41,40




Very tired & fell apart after 2k. Think it’s down to going too hard yesterday on the bike. Hill repeats were at anaerobic threshold should have been AET.

Saturday 27 2:00 (1) Work 11-6 7 Hours

Run 2:00 22k build run 35 min easy 25 @ 5/k 22 @ 4:20 c/d @5:30

Felt good, ran well. I feel I have recovered from Thursdays stupidity. It’s amazing how easy it is to tip over the edge by pushing too hard on just one session when I’m loading up on volume.

Sunday 28 5:30 (2) Work 12-5 5 hours

Bike AM 4:05 101k flat and rolling lots of big gear at moderate effort.

Bike PM 1:25 32k. The sun was shining and the shop was quiet because of the Rugby or some other match so I snuck out early and did a slightly longer than normal commute. Rode really easy and felt good.


Weekly total hours sessions 18:35 (11) Work

Swim 2:50 8000m (2)

Bike 11:45 270k (5)

Run 2:50 32k (2)

S&C 1:10 (2)


Monthly Accu Hours/Sessions 68:05 (48)

S 18:35 52,900 (20)

B 36:30 818k (16)

R 10:40 128k (9)

S&C 2:20 (4)

Very happy with that week. 18.5 hours the week after a training camp was really good and with the exception of Thursday I felt better as the week went on. I’m also heading for a really solid first months training. I should go north of 71 hours with a long swim and 90 min run planned for tomorrow. Confidence is high, motivation is high and while I don’t feel fit yet I am really happy with the first 6 weeks training.



You can check out my training diary for weeks 1-2 here and 3-4 here and my Kona qualifying report here


(I added this in here to finish the months numbers even though it belongs in week 7 & 8)

Monday 29 3:20 (2) Work Off

Swim 1:40 5000m first 5k swim in about 2.5 years.

Run 1:30 16k

WNR 1:28. Our usual 10 mile hilly loop, which is known as the Wednesday Night Loop. As historically we ran it as a group every winter on a Wednesday night. It’s a great training run but although we are running it weekday mornings the name has stuck so it will be the WNR in all future posts.

For the record I was happy with the 1:28 for the loop as I was going really easy compared to how it felt for the last few weeks. When I’m in good shape running hard I would hope to be somewhere in the low teens 1:11-15.

Monthly Accu hours/sessions 71:25 (50)

Swim 20:20 57,900 (21)

Bike 36:30 818k (16)

Run 12:10 144k (10)

S&C 2:25 (4)

For reference here are the February’s hours for the two years that I qualified for Kona.

February 13

T 70:45 (48)

S 18:40 51700m (16)

B 34:20 896k (15)

R 12:15 127.5k (9)

S&C 5:30 (8)

Swim is up for both time and distance. The bike is up for hours but slower speed and the run is the same time but faster this year. I was surprised to see that.

February 12

T 55:50 (41)

S 13:50 40800m (12)

B 20:05 549k (9)

R 18:05 225.5 (13)

S&C 2:40 (7)

The swim and bike are up for both hours and distance this year compared to 2012 but the run is quite a bit lower. That can partly explained by the fact that the back is still not quite right so we are not pushing the run too much until it is.

If you want to follow the numbers more closely I’m on Strava as Rob Cummins Wheelworx or if you’re more of a pictures instead of reading type I post on Instagram as wheelworxrob.


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