The last few days of the month saw the first half way decent return to training in over three weeks. I still don’t feel great, but to be honest I’m just very relieved to be back training again. The prospect of moving into a shed to get away from the dog was looming large for the last week but it looks like I’ll get away with it at this stage.

Monday 28 3:35 (2) Work 12-6 6:00

Bike 2:40 54k v easy

Bike :55 23k easy spin home PM

Tuesday 29 1:00 (1) Work 2:00 

S&C 1:00 with JB
I’ve a slightly new and more focused S&C plan working on my back issues. The weakness seems to be in the obliques and glutes. It seems that although I have a reasonably solid core the obliques are weak and the glutes are too. This seems to be the reason I still have some back trouble. I’ve daily exercises to help with the lingering nerve issues since my back surgery and I’ve to do a big S&C session once a week. It’ll be interesting to see if I can clear up the last of the issues with a really specific focus. I think if I can’t it will be one of the big limiters I’ll face.

Wednesday 30 3:55 (2)

Run 1:10 13k easy

Bike 2:45 61k seated steady hills

Thursday 31 3:20 (2) 

Swim 1:35 4000m

Run 1:45 18k hilly. Tired
Weekly total (to end of month) hours/sessions 11:50 (7)

Swim 1:35 4000 (1)

Bike 6:20 138 (3)

Run 2:55 31k (2)

S&C 1:00 (1)

Month accu. hours/sessions 57:25 (37)

Swim 8:55 22,800 (6)

Bike 25:50 654k (11)

Run 18:25 196.5 (14)

S&C 5:55 (7)

If I compare the hours to 2011,12 and 13 they look like this:

March 11

T 49:50 (37)

S 8:40 23300m (12) 2709mt/ph

B 29:15 796k (12) 27.21kph

R 11:55 135k (13) 11.25kph

March 12

T 65:20

S 8:20 26400m 3180mt/ph (9)

B 47:00 1220k 25.95kph (20)

R 8:50 102.5k 11.46kph (8)

S&C 1:10 (4)

March 13

T 86:55 (55)

S 19:20 52300m (20)

B 47:30 1207.5k (16)

R 16:05 174k (15)

S&C 2:20 (3)

Considering the issues with the allergies and how much it disrupted training the overall hours for the month aren’t too bad. I managed almost as much training as I did in 2012 which was the first year I qualified. I’m a long way off the 87 hours of 2013 but the flip side is that in 11, 12 and 13 I was training for a July race, this year I’m aiming for Ironman Mallorca in September so I still have plenty of time to get into shape. I typically aim for a 5-6 month build to a race so starting when I did (in January) and aiming to go continuously for 8 months will be longer and more difficult than I’ve done before but allowing for the  very low level of fitness after pretty much a two year break I think it will take me all of the 8 months to get ready. The trick will be in building slowly enough that I don’t burn myself out or run out of motivation.

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