Pupper is outside the back door and barks to be let in. When Ais opens the door she comes in proudly carrying a bone like a trophy. She drops it on the floor, looks at it blankly then barks at it.

“The bone” I think “The big doofus is barking at the bone” and vaguely wonder why. But this is Pupper. There doesn’t really need to be a why.

If you want to follow the numbers more closely I’m on Strava as Rob Cummins Wheelworx or if you’re more of a pictures instead of reading type I post on Instagram as wheelworxrob.

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The bark attracts Coopers attention. He wanders on over to see what the fuss is. He looks first at Pupper doing the barks then looks down at the bone.

Cooper takes one more look at Pupper then picks up the bone and walks off with it.

Pupper’s left standing there wondering what’s just happened. Whatever it was it doesn’t seem to be what she intended. She looks puzzled. It’s hard to picture a Boxer looking puzzled but Pupper somehow manages to pull it off.

“What do you think she was barking at?” I ask Ais. She just shrugs.

“What do you think is going through her head when she does something like that?” I ask.

“Candy floss” Ais answers. “That’s all there is in there, candy floss”

We both laugh and turn back to my weeks training plan. Ais has been first roughly sketching it out: do a swim and run Monday, bike Tuesday..

She then adds some meat to the bones. Talking as much to herself as me she adds “All swims from now until the race are to be at least 4K. This bike is a strength session, Thursday is a big day. Long swim, long bike one hour run”

Lastly she fills in the details. “This swim is straight through 3.8k, then that bike is to be all at your Ironman effort. Except the first thirty minutes” she adds. “Go easy for that bit, build into it. Start the run easy but I want you to go hard for the second half. Harder than Ironman effort but not crazy. Don’t fry yourself”

It’s funny that I don’t really feel the need to be adding in extra work now that we are into the main training for Ironman Texas. In fact I’m happy to just get through what Ais is scheduling.

Things are getting progressively harder and the training is getting that relentless feeling. Some days that’s fine and I love the hard work. Some days it’s grinding and hard and I wonder how the hell I’m going to get through it.

Anyway here’s the weeks work…

Monday 5 —

Off training

  • Energy 6/10
  • Motivation 4/10
  • Work 2 hours
  • Sleep 9 hours. Good

Tuesday 6 1:05 (1)

  • Swim 1:05 3200m


  • Energy 7/10
  • Motivation 8/10
  • Work 2 hours
  • Sleep 8 hours

Wednesday 7 3:35 (2)

  • Run 1:40 17.5k hills
  • Bike 1:55 60k turbo

Thursday 8 7:05 (3)

  • Swim 1:15 4000m inc 3800m wetsuit tt 1:07:37


  • Bike 4:35 129k turbo
  • Run 1:15 15.5k


  • Energy 6.5/10 tired & sluggish for most of the day.
  • Motivation 8/10
  • Work 5 hours
  • Sleep 8 hours. Good

Friday 9 1:20 (1)

  • Swim 1:20 4000m

I could hardly drag my arse out of bed this morning. On the way to the pool I bargained back and forth with myself and eventually settled on the compromise that I’d just do the distance Ais had set out and maybe not the efforts that she had put in the workout.

I started easy and happy enough to cruise through the 400 meters but by the time that I got 800 meters in to the swim I started to feel good, strong and I was swimming well. I was still tired but not as bad as when I started. I decided to up the pace and try to do the session Ais had prescribed and I cruised through it comfortably. It never ceases to amaze me the way the body will just keep on going and going despite the tiredness and relentlessness of the training.

Saturday 10 2:25 (2)

  • Bike 1:50 52.5k
  • Run :35 6k


  • Energy 5/10
  • Motivation 5/10
  • Work 8 hours
  • Sleep 5 hours very disturbed

Sunday 11 2:55 (1)

  • Run 2:55 35k

I was nervous yesterday when Ais said that I was to run faster in today’s long run than I have for last few weeks. When we were driving in to the park for the run this morning she talked to me about how impressed she was with my training over the last period and that I’m training better and more consistently than she’s ever seen before. I sat there in the car with my mood of trepidation changing to confidence. I went into the run determined to do exactly as I was told and all nervousness was gone. It’s incredible what the right shorty of feedback can do for your head.

  • Energy 7/10
  • Motivation 8/10
  • Work 5 hours
  • Sleep 8.5 hours. Good

  • Total 18:25 (10)
  • Swim 3:40 11200m (3)
  • Bike 8:20 241.5k (3)
  • Run 6:25 73k (4)

If you want to follow the numbers more closely I’m on Strava as Rob Cummins Wheelworx or if you’re more of a pictures instead of reading type I post on Instagram as wheelworxrob.


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