This week is the last weeks training before starting a two week taper for the Boston marathon. The training load is light as work is getting increasingly busy but the sessions I get done go really well. I think this is our fourth week back doing a weekly strength and conditioning session with John Belton and I’m really feeling the benefits of them. I think it’s increasingly important to incorporate S&C work almost all year round. I went and got a very specific S&C plan prescribed by a specialist physio in the Santry sports clinic last year and then worked on that and nothing else with John for half a year. Eamonn in the Sports Clinic identified what had caused my back problems and instead of working on the symptoms he gave me a program of really specific work to fix the cause.
John took the plan and we worked on it gradually increasing the difficulty as I adapted to the load and as a result my back is in the best condition it’s been in in ten years or more. I think this is the best way to incorporate S&C work into a plan. Identify the weak areas that are likely to break down or cause an imbalance or injury and fix them, not just treating the symptoms. This requires working with a really specialist sports specific physio like Cillian Moffat who you can find here as opposed to just going into the gym and lifting weights or doing basic core work. When I went in for back surgery in 2014 I had, for the first time in my life, a somewhat proper six pack and my core was in the best shape of my life. Despite this my back failed and I ended up having surgery and spent two months in bed recovering. If I had identified why my back was going instead of assuming that a strong core would protect it I would probably never have needed surgery.

Anyway lets get on with the weeks training which actually includes TWO swims if you can believe it. I almost feel like a triathlete again…

Monday 27 1:10 (1)

Swim 1:10 3300m


Tuesday 28 :40 (1)

S&C :40  John Belton


Wednesday 29 1:20 (1)

Run 1:20 16k

Including 45 minutes at marathon effort.


Thursday 30 1:05 (1)

Swim 1:05 2500m


Friday 31 1:05 (1)

Run 1:05 13k
Build run. 20 mins easy, 20 moderate, 20 hard.


5:34, 5:30, 5:28, 5:25

4:56, 4:52, 4:48, 4:41

4:10, 4:05, 4:29, 4:33

4:54 c/d

I felt crap at the start of the run but when I picked up the pace at the twenty minute point I felt slightly better. I find that sometimes happens, picking up the effort sort of kicks you out of a slump. When I pushed harder for the last twenty minutes I felt better again (despite the discomfort of the effort) The legs are also feeling much better. The couple of sessions with both Cillian and John Belton are having the desired effect.


Saturday 1


Sunday 2

Run 2::50

This was our last long run before Boston and I probably should have run the second half harder like I’ve been doing most weeks. But the sun was shining and it was just myself and Ais this week, the other lads were off racing or missing for various reasons and we ended up chatting all the way around and I enjoyed the easy, relaxed run. Sometimes you just need to do what you enjoy and forget about the plan.

Weekly totals 8:10 (6)

Swim 2:15 5800 (2)

Bike —

Run 5:15 29k (3)

S&C :40 (1)