I don’t think 3.5 hours can be called a training week. In fact I don’t really think it can be called training, but it is a start. I was going to skip over this week and start next week when I have some decent training numbers but that wouldn’t be honest.

I think we just have to start where we are, whether that’s at 3 hours a week or 13. From a motivation point of view I’ve found it quite difficult to get going after the Boston marathon. Another disappointing race after a pretty good build up seemed to just knock the stuffing out of me a bit.

Work has been really busy so the easy and I’ve been really tempted to use it as an excuse fir why I can’t train properly. But in reality all that would be is an excuse and looking for an easy way out just because things are difficult.

So I’ve decided that I’ll go back to basics and just aim to rebuild the training routine. I’m not putting pressure on myself to do anything other than get each session done.

So with that in mind the aim for May is to try to train regularly again, to make swim, bike and run a proper part of each week.and just enjoy the training.

There won’t be any big volume at this stage because…

  1. I’m not fit enough and
  2. Big volume won’t work and isn’t sustainable when paired with my current work hours.

This week I worked 6 days and 63 hours. I reckon that I might get the work hours down to between 55-60 hours a week for the rest of May.

If I can manage to fit in 10-12 hours of training on top of that and more importantly if the body can absorb that without falling apart then I’ll be satisfied.

Monday 1


Work 9 hours

Tuesday 2

S&C :35 John Belton

Work 3 hours

Wednesday 3

Off Training

Work 12 hours

Sleep 7 hours, good

Thursday 4

Off training

Work 12 hours

Sleep 8 hours, good

Friday 5

Run :45 8k including some short efforts

Work 10 hours

Saturday 6

Run :35 8k

Work 8 hours

I ran the Parkrun this morning and was very surprised to be in the lead pack of 5 runners to the first kilometre. I was waiting for them to pull away but it wasn’t happening. At 2.5k there was three of us together and one of the lads made a move and I couldn’t follow. I tried to stick with second place but he gradually pulled away too. I was absolutely redlining it to limit the damage and hopefully stay ahead of 4th.

After the second time up the hill I could see myself starting to close down second place and of course I managed to find an extra gear despite thinking I was already on my limit. My breathing grew more ragged and I felt like I was going to explode at any second but I managed to reel him in, make the pass and hung on for 2nd place in 19:34 which was quicker than I expected to go given the three weeks of inactivity since the marathon.

Sunday 7

Bike 1:35 35k 500m ascent

Motivation 9

Work 9 hours

Total 3:30 (4)

Swim —

Bike 1:35 35k (1)

Run 1:20 16k (2) 

S&C :35 (1)


Total 3:30 (4)

Swim —

Bike 1:35 35k (1)

Run 1:20 16k (2) 

S&C :35 (1) 

Next week sees me in Lanzarotte with John Rogers, a good friend of mine. We have 6 days of training planned which will hopefully kick start the summer for me. We had the week booked before work got as crazy as it is. I had considered cancelling a couple of times but I’m glad now I didn’t.

I don’t think anyone ever reached the end of their life and regretted that they didn’t spend enough days in work.

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