The snow is so deep Asho has to get into my footprints behind me 

We’ve had weather warnings over the last twelve months that have been carried and promoted by the media that didn’t come anywhere near to occurring. Yellow or orange or red weather storm warnings which never came to pass.

If you want to follow the numbers more closely I’m on Strava as Rob Cummins Wheelworx or if you’re more of a pictures instead of reading type I post on Instagram as wheelworxrob.

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The last one caused the shut down of most of the country.

The last warning that was. The storm itself never actually materialised.

As a result of the previous “boy crying wolf” weather disaster warning stories that didn’t happen I was sceptical of this one. In fact when I heard this round of stories of snow storms and red warnings I scoffed that I’d believe it when I saw it.

Wednesday arrived and along with it came the heaviest snowfall we’d seen in Dublin in about eight years. Myself and Ais ran into work with bags on our back but when we saw how bad the conditions actually were we decided that we would just open for an hour.We stayed just long enough to contact anyone who was booked in for a collection or fitting, lock up and run home again.

We got just under 16k of heavy running in the snow done in the morning. I jumped on the turbo in the afternoon and got a hard ninety minute session done.

We figured that the worst would be over on Thursday and that we’d again run in to work that morning and home again in the evening. But the weather was far worse when we got outside and we ran in a blizzard for close to two hours.

We also managed to fit in some filming with Eoin Luc of for the documentary he’s making. We were lucky enough that we probably got the worst, most epic conditions of the day while he was out with his camera so we got it recorded.

Later that afternoon I did another hard two hour turbo session.

The shop stayed closed again.

By Friday morning the snow was probably the worst we’ve had in Dublin for over 35 years. The shop was shut again. I did an easy hour on the turbo while Ais ran on the treadmill beside me.

I guess it was sort of like having the opportunity to get a mini training camp done. Albeit a very different one to the last week we did in Lanza in January. Instead of 25 degrees and sunshine we had 25 inches of snow an hour and minus ten degrees and a blizzard.

Saturday was to be my long ride day. I got on to the turbo after an epic two hour snow hike/walk with the dogs in knee deep snow.

I settled in with Eurosport’s cycling coverage and trundled my way through a five hour turbo session. The run off the bike was slightly shorter than some of the recent brick runs but I was happy to get through almost five and a half hours while the snow was drifting outside.

Sunday was to be my long run but because we were re opening the store we decided to run in and home again. So I did my first triple run day ever.

I did an hour on the treadmill before we left in the morning. The second run was one hour twenty five and the third an hour. The mileage was sort of low relative to the time as the snow was so deep and such heavy going but it’s probably one of the best run training days I’ve had in a long time.

All in all just under twenty hours training was a bit of a result considering the conditions and the fact that there was only one swim done for the week as all the pools were closed.

Monday 26


Tuesday 27 2:20 (2)

  • Swim 1:20 4000m
  • Run 1:00 10.5k easy

The main set of swim session was to be:

  • 5×100 at 1:45 off 1:55
  • 5×100 at 1:40 off 1:50
  • 5×100 at 1:35 off 1:45

What actually happened was I did the first one a little bit too hard and came in on 1:35 instead of 1:45. I was then faced with the decision to either keep going at the same speed and try to do all fifteen 100’s in 1:35 or slow right down and try to hit the target numbers.

I asked myself what would Patrick say if he was here. I could his voice in my head say “that’s great you’re much faster than we thought, let’s keep going at that pace” I groaned inwardly knowing that 15 x 100 at that pace would probably hurt like a motherfucker but I didn’t want to chicken out. In the words of the famous cycling “Rules” I chose to Harden The Fuck Up

After a few seconds deliberation I set out to do them all at 1:35 off 1:45. Patrick would be proud I thought to myself. Except that he wasn’t. Not really. It turns out that the session was intended to teach me pacing. Not kill me… Who knew?

Anyway here are the splits that I was quite proud of and they were all off 1:45.

  • 1:35, 1:35, 1:34, 1:35, 1:38
  • 1:36, 1:36, 1:36, 1:38, 1:36
  • 1:36, 1:36, 1:36, 1:37, 1:36

Wednesday 28 3:20 (2)

  • Run 1:45 14.5k (Snow run)
  • Bike 1:35 52.5k turbo hard


  • Energy 7/10
  • Motivation 8/10
  • Work off
  • Sleep 8.5 good

Thursday 1 3:45 (2)

  • Run 1:40 14k snow
  • Bike 2:05 65k 6×10 mins hard BG


  • Energy 8/10
  • Motivation 8/10
  • Work —
  • Sleep 8 hours. Good

Friday 2 1:05 (1)

  • Bike 1:05 32k easy. Turbo


  • Energy 6/10
  • Motivation 6/10
  • Work —
  • Sleep 9 hours. Good

Saturday 3 5:25 (3)

  • Bike 5:00 164k turbo
  • Run :25 5k treadmill


  • Energy 8/10
  • Motivation 10/10
  • Work —
  • Sleep 8.5 good

Sunday 4 3:20 (3)

  • Run 1:00 12k treadmill
  • Run 1:20 13.5k snow, build run
  • Run 1:00 8.5k snow. Tired, sore


  • Energy 8/10
  • Motivation 10/10
  • Work 5 hours
  • Sleep 7.5 hours.

  • Totals for the week 18:15 (12)
  • Swim 1:20 4000 (1)
  • Bike 8:45 313.5k (4)
  • Run 8:10 78k (7)

If you want to follow the numbers more closely I’m on Strava as Rob Cummins Wheelworx or if you’re more of a pictures instead of reading type I post on Instagram as wheelworxrob.


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