The risk with pushing our limits is that we may push too far and instead of making breakthrough gains we just break down. After my first thirty hour training week in a long time. Actually it was 27 hours training in only four days, I came home ready for a day off and hoping for a few easier days after that.
I had the hoped for day off and then Ais had me do a 16k run on Tuesday which went reasonably well given how tired and sore my legs were. The problem started on Tuesday night when I woke around 3am with the beginnings of a cold/flu. I believe it was the combination of returning home in a very depleted state after the weekends training and as a result being particularly susceptible to infection.
An infection which was already running rampant through the house, Cillian and Ais were both already sick.
Ok so running rampant is probably a bit strong and sick is also probably a slight exaggeration. They had a cold which I then caught.
But it was a nasty cold.
Ok not so nasty, but it certainly wasn’t pleasant. And it did screw with my training plans during the middle of the week.
Anyway let’s move on and see just how it all went.

Monday 17 September —

Energy 6/10
Work —
Sleep 9 hours.

Tuesday 18 September 1:25 (1)

Run 1:25 16k inc 30 mins tempo

Energy 7/10
Motivation 6/10
Work —
Sleep 9 hours. Good

Wednesday 19 September

Off sick

Thursday 20 September

Off sick

Friday 21 September 1:15 (1)

Swim 1:15 3600m

Saturday 22 September 3:45 (2)

Bike 2:55 83k
Run :50 8k v easy

Energy 4/10
Motivation 7/10
Work 8 hours
Sleep 7.5 hours

Sunday 23 September 2:55 (2)

AM Run 1:35 18k easy/steady
PM Run 1:20 16k building/ neg split

Energy 7/10
Motivation 10/10
Work 9 hours
Sleep 7.5 hours

Total 9:20 (6)
Swim 1:15 3600m (1)
Bike 2:55 83k (1)
Run 5:10 58k (4)
S&C —

The weekend certainly rescued the week as far as training goes. Running wise it wasn’t too bad but with only one cycle and swim overall it was a pretty poor show.
Hopefully the easy mid week will leave me recovered and ready to start into the last and hardest block of training yet.