Walking into the pool this morning Ais left me in no doubt that the next four weeks are going to be tough. She’s happy with where my run is but still feels that the swim and bike are the weak(er) links. Having one weak link isn’t necessarily a disaster but two would be a problem.
I’ve been given my orders.
1. No more missed swims. Minimum of three times a week in the water.
2. After that every spare minute for the next four weeks is to be spent on the bike. Which today as we are having something of a three day Indian summer in Dublin sounds like all of my birthdays have come at once. If the weathers nasty for a five hour ride though I might not be as excited.
Three years ago after back surgery I spent two months flat on my back unable to swim, bike, run or even walk very far. It taught me that even a hard, wet or cold day on the bike is better than that experience.
Even aside from being physically able to train I always feel very lucky at just how supportive Aisling is of my Ironman stuff. I talk to lots of people who have to quit the sport because it causes too much friction at home, or because they work or commute insane hours, or they’ve just had a baby and training suddenly drops from being one of the most important parts of their day to being something that they are lucky to do twice a week.
The next time I complain about how hard it is to train in Ireland feel free to give me a metaphorical (or an actual one if you live locally) kick in the arse.
For anyone who’s feeling sorry for themselves that they got wet or cold on their last bike ride.
Suck it up.
You should instead feel a little bit epic that you were one of the hard ones who suffered through it.
I’m sure that this will garner me all sorts of rants from those who don’t agree but fuck it. I’ve said it.
Anyway let’s get on with how the week went.

Monday 25 1:35 (1)

Swim 1:35 5000m 3800tt

Energy 8/10
Motivation 10/10
Work —
Sleep 7.5 good

Tuesday 26 4:10 (2)

Bike 3:05 70k
Run 1:05 11.5k

Felt really empty, tired and had a headache. Probably just the tail end of last weeks cold.

Energy 5/10
Motivation 6/10
Work —
Sleep 8.5 hours.

Wednesday 27 1:30 (2)

Run :30 5k easy with the doggos
Swim 1:00 3100

Energy 7
Motivation 8/10
Work 7 hours
Sleep 9 hours

Thursday 28 4:20 (2)

Swim 1:30 4000m
Bike 2:50 84k


Energy 8/10
Motivation 10/10
Work 7 hours
Sleep 8 hours. Good

Friday 29 3:30 (3)

Run :30 5k v easy w doggos
Bike 2:25 73k
Run :35 7.5k hard run.

Energy 8/10
Motivation 10/10
Work 7 hours
Sleep 9 hours. Good

Saturday 30 1:45 (1)

Run 1:45 21k inc 1 hour at 4:20-4:30/k pace

Energy 7/10
Motivation 9/10
Work 8 hours
Sleep 8.5 hours

Sunday 1 6:15 (2)

Bike 5:15 148.5
Run 1:00 10.5k off bike. Steady

Total 23:05 (13)
Swim 4:05 12100 (3)
Bike 13:35 375.5k (4)
Run 5:25 60.5k (6)
S&C —

The last four days were hard on the legs with a combination of tough bikes and hard runs. From the hips down every bit of me hurts. Arse, hamstrings, quads, calves and shins.

Aisling calls it trophy pain and sure enough it does make me feel like I’ve accomplished something this week. Although it doesn’t really make me look forward to tomorrows scheduled 3 hour run…