I took a little break from the blog but now I’m back. My last posts were my 2017 Ironman Florida race report and Ironman Florida race Analysis back in November. I haven’t been hiding, rather I had a couple of other projects I was working on. This is more of a personal update than the usual training one, those will resume next week. Click on through for all the latest including book launches, my next Ironman race, eleven dogs, yes you read that right. ELEVEN DOGS and more.

Chasing Kona: The Book

chasingkona-RC small.jpg

I finally got around to launching my first book which was rather aptly named Chasing Kona, you can get all the details of it here. You might infer from that sentence that I’m planning on a second book. You’d be right as I’m working on it already. Hence the lack of writing here on the blog. I’ll post some updates as I go with this one and I’m hoping it doesn’t take the same four years that the first one did. Thanks very much to anyone who supported me with the book and who’s bought a copy. If you have bought a copy and liked it if you have a moment and could leave a review on Amazon I’d be most appreciative. Readers reviews, like personal recommendations are hugely important on Amazon.

We have had some new additions arrive at home. Before you go jumping to conclusions they were of the four legged variety. Regular readers will know we have a couple of Boxers ourselves and occasionally do short term fostering of pups while they are being re-homed. Well things got a little bit crazy when we took in a pregnant dog that had been dumped in late November. This brought up up to three dogs. Unsurprisingly she then went and popped out a whole bunch of little dogs. The addition of her six pups took us up to nine canine guests. Meet the Chubbsters.

The Chubbsters

The Chubbsters

The Chubbsters got their collective name due to how quickly they grew. They have more than quadrupled in size over the first three weeks and are still chubbing up nicely.

The Chubbsters started out being called, in order left to right top to bottom.

  1. Two Spot (Due to having two spots on his back)
  2. Narrow Gap (Due to the narrow white stripe on his head)
  3. Wide Gap (Due to having a wide stripe on his head, you can sort of see where we are going with this)
  4. Ears. (All white except two black ears)
  5. Friesian. (He has the same black and white patterns as a Friesian Cow)
  6. DogZilla. (Because he’s huge)

They have since gotten some proper names continuing the Hawaiian theme of what we called the mother, Kona. They are Lava Java, Palani, Aloha, Keo, Maui and Kailua.


Two days before Christmas we were contacted about a couple of Rottweiler-Husky cross pups that were being surrendered and given the timescale there wasn’t much chance of getting them into a foster home before Christmas. So nine became eleven. These two are the most unbelievably cute pups you’ve ever seen.

The Rotski’s

The name was Aisling's idea. Rottweiler, Husky cross was shortened to Rotski. The name stuck so they are now either collectively "The Rotski's" or Boy Rotski and Girl Rotski

The name was Aisling’s idea. Rottweiler, Husky cross was shortened to Rotski. The name stuck so they are now either collectively “The Rotski’s” or Boy Rotski and Girl Rotski


The pups are all under the care of Cara rescue and if you are interested in adopting one you can find the adoption form here.

Chasing Kona 2018

I’m still chasing that elusive and difficult to get Kona slot for 2018 and as such have entered a race. I’m doing Ironman Texas in April. Aisling isn’t racing this one but is still coaching me.

I was only seven minutes away from a Kona slot in Ironman Florida in November and I feel that both my swim and bike are now back at a level that I can be competitive. The run still needed a bit of work but I think that all going well and with another good block of training it should be close enough that I will be in with a good chance of qualifying in Texas.


Chasing Kona eBook available

From smoker to back of the pack triathlete to the Ironman World Championships.

Read about how I overcame all of the odds and discovered what it would take to get to the Ironman World Championships – my eBook is now available to buy as an eBook on Amazon UK, Amazon US, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes

It is also available as a paperback at Wheelworx.