I was chatting to Patrick my swimmer mate (the one who takes great pleasure in knocking lumps out of me in the pool) a while ago and had told him that I was finally going to have a go at the 100 x 100’s swim session I’ve been talking about for so long. I told him I was going to do it on my birthday, the 21st of July. Doing the 100 x 100 swim is a sort of triathletes birthday tradition, at least it is for the pros who are coached by Brett Sutton and who am I to second guess Sutto.

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Doing it on my birthday gave me about 6 weeks to prepare at the time that I spoke to Patrick. My thinking being that if I simply added 1k onto my long swim each week which was at that point just over 4k then it would be a nice manageable build up to the 10k swim.

Patrick was really keen to help me with it and offered to pace it which I was happy to accept. 10k would be a long way to swim alone and having company and pacing assistance would help a lot. The only issue was that Patrick wasn’t available on the 21st or the 20th or any day that week. In fact after checking pool availability and his calendar the only date he could do it on was Tuesday the 4th of July. Two weeks away.

“Shit” I thought, there goes my nice steady build up. My fear of the the session just worsened. I nervously agreed to slot into Patricks schedule and we set the time and date.

I’ve written a separate post about that session which you can read here

So lets get on with the weeks training.

Monday 3rd 3 :40 (1)

Swim :40 2000m

Patrick had wanted me to swim in the 25m pool last week to get an idea of pacing but I couldn’t fit it into the schedule until today. Unfortunately we ran into a slight technical issue before we went to the pool in the morning while out playing with the dogs. I was wrestling with Cooper with a tennis ball that he was chasing. Coopers a clever dog, he gets the whole chasing, fetching and coming back with the ball bit.  But then he sometimes finds it hard to give up his prize. It was when I was wrestling the ball back off him that I felt a really sharp pain in my finger. I pulled my hand back clutching the ball and shook it off then threw the ball.

When I looked down at my throbbing finger it was all flopped over and I thought “Holy shit! I’ve dislocated my finger”

I showed Ais and her immediate reaction was “Jesus you can’t swim with that” I could hear the conflict in her voice. Happiness that we wouldn’t have to swim today (Ais is a runner who does Ironman to keep me company and doesn’t love swimming too much) and also upset that I’d hurt myself.

I was frantically thinking of ways that I could strap or fix the finger so as not to miss the mornings swim.

She then added “You wont be able to do your 100 x 100’s tomorrow either with that”

I nearly got sick. There was no way I was going to be able to admit to Patrick and the other lads that I was going to quit before I even started but I was afraid that I just wasn’t going to have any choice in the matter.

Ais asked if I needed to go see a doctor or to the hospital and I reluctantly agreed that I might have to. All I could think was that I was going to fail at my swim before I even got to the pool and I would have to tell Patrick and the others.

Ais then asked if Cillian might know what to do.

I jumped on that idea and texted him to say that I thought I’d dislocated my finger and asked if he could have a look. He replied immediately and we headed home. It’s one of the benefits of also living with a physiotherapist in the house.

He had a look and reckoned that it wasn’t dislocated but rather I’d torn a tendon on the top of the finger and had now gotten what Cillian called “Mallet finger”

I didn’t take a picture at the time but I found this pic on the internet and this is exactly what it looked like.


The way to fix it is to splint it straight for 6 to 8 weeks and it’s very important that whenever we are changing the tape on the splint that I don’t let it bend or it will damage the tendon further and I could be left with it permanently flopped over.

Jesus that sounds like a bit of a pain. I thought but I was secretly relieved that Cillian wasn’t going to have to put my finger back into its joint or socket or whatever. Whenever I’ve seen that done on tv it looks pretty sore.

So we splinted it and when I asked him was it ok to swim he said couldn’t see any reason not to. Ais was not impressed.

Anyway we eventually got to the pool and got the swim done. The finger wasn’t particularly sore by then and as long as I didn’t whack it off a lane line I reckoned it’d be ok.

I was really surprised how much faster the 25m pool is. I was on average 10 seconds faster per 100 even going at a very easy effort than I was in the 50m pool. I was getting excited now about the swim which would be the following evening.

Splits below for those interested in the numbers. For those who aren’t, move along.

20×100 25m pool

1:46, 44, 47, 45, 45, 43, 42, 45, 43, 45, 48, 47, 46, 47, 47, 45, 46, 47, 46, 47

The first 10 were off 2:00 including rest, the second 10 were off 4-7 sec recovery.


  • Energy 8/10
  • Motivation 8/10
  • Work off
  • Sleep 9 hours. Good

    Tuesday 4th 3:35 (1)

Swim 3:35 10,050m

Enough said about swimming for one week. You can read all about it here if you wan’t all the gory details including how to make yourself puke while swimming.

  • Energy 8/10
  • Motivation 10/10 but at the same time shitting myself
  • Work off
  • Sleep 4-5 hours broken. The soreness everywhere kept me awake most of the night.

    Wednesday 5th —


Every part of me above the waist hurts. Everything. Even the bits that don’t do anything while I’m swimming. But I dont give a flying f%€k I’m on such a buzz after last nights swim. Trophy pain!

  • Energy 3/10
  • Motivation 3/10 I don’t think I will ever feel the need to swim again.
  • Work 10 hours
  • Sleep 4-5 hours broken.

Thursday 6 —


  • Energy 5/10
  • Motivation 5/10
  • Work 10 hours
  • Sleep 7 hours

Friday 7th 1:30 (1)

Bike 1:30 31k

This was just an easy ride to see how the body was feeling after Tuesdays swim antics. I’m definitely feeling better and starting to feel mostly normal again.

  • Energy 6/10
  • Motivation 8/10
  • Work 11 hours
  • Sleep 8 hours

Saturday 8th 1:30 (1)

Run 1:30 17.5k

I incorporated a Parkrun into this run and managed to snag myself a 2nd place. It seems that the legs were not adversely affected by the swim and the easy week left them feeling pretty fresh.

  • Energy 8/10
  • Motivation 9/10
  • Work 6 hours
  • Sleep 8 hours good

Sunday 9th 3:15 (1)

Bike 3:15 74.5k 1600m ascent

Ais had said to go out and just ride as I felt and if I was good to ride hills. I felt pretty good and did a snaking looping ride taking in 5 local climbs and clocked up 1600m ascent in the first 2.5 hours. I rode steadily and really enjoyed being out in the sun.

  • Energy 8/10
  • Motivation 10/10
  • Work 6 hours
  • Sleep 8 hours

Total weekly hours / sessions

  • Total 10:30 (5)
  • Swim 4:15 12050m (2)
  • Bike 4:45 105.5k (2)
  • Run 1:30 17.5k (1)
  • S&C —

Accumulated monthly hours / sessions

  • Total 16:20 (8)
  • Swim 4:15 12050m (2)
  • Bike 8:40 202.5k (4)
  • Run 3:25 43.5k (2)
  • S&C —

Chasing Kona eBook available

From smoker to back of the pack triathlete to the Ironman World Championships.

Read about how I overcame all of the odds and discovered what it would take to get to the Ironman World Championships – my eBook is now available to buy as an eBook on Amazon UK, Amazon US, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes

It is also available as a paperback at Wheelworx.