Getting ready for bed on Thursday Ais asked me “What’s on your plan for tomorrow?”
“I’m down to swim” I answered “but I’m really tired, maybe I’ll sleep on instead and skip it” I added hopefully.
What I was thinking was ” I don’t want to” the voice in my head sounded like a petulant child.
I waited for Ais to tell me to take it easy, rest, sleep in, you need it, it’s been a good week so far, you’ve worked hard and deserve a lie on.
What she actually said was…
“Tell it to the guy who gets your Kona slot that you were tired and skipped your swim”
I knew she was right and I sheepishly resolved to get up and go to the pool.
But then eight hours later when the alarm went off I failed. I knocked it off telling myself I’d swim in the evening after work.

But I never swim after work so I knew it was bullshit.
It turns out I was right about it being bullshit. And I didn’t swim in the evening. In fact I compounded the failure by ordering pizza on the way home from work for dinner.
So that was how Friday went. Read on for the rest of the week…

Monday 7 2:35 (1)

Run 2:35 29k
Planned session: 2.5 hours to include 4×15 minutes IMRP with 3 minutes jog recovery.

I was worried that the hamstring pull from last week would resurface today and scupper another long run. I started out running easy and stayed on grass. I gradually built up the pace and at the one hour mark I headed out onto a tarmac lap to see if I was able to pick up the effort and do the session I was down for.
I decided to build the pace very gradually to test the leg. There was no pain or discomfort And I settled at around my target Ironman race pace (IMRP) for the first 15 minute interval. The pace felt very comfortable for the first three 15 minute blocks. I was working a little harder on the fourth one but the pace held very consistently.

Energy 7/10
Motivation 9/10
Work 6 hours
Sleep 9.5 hours. Good.

Tuesday 8 4:35 (1)

Bike 4:35 107k

Energy 8/10
Motivation 10/10
Work —
Sleep 8 hours

Wednesday 9 6:50 (2)

Bike 6:15 140k
Run :35 6.5k off bike

Thursday 10 3:50 (1)

Bike 3:50 85k

Energy 7/10
Motivation 8/10
Work —
Sleep 8 hours. Good

Friday 11

Off training see the intro…

Saturday 12 :50 (1)

Run :50 8k easy

Energy 6/10
Motivation 5/10
Work 7 hours
Sleep 6 hours. Disturbed/poor

Sunday 13 2:55 (2)

AM: Run 2:30 30k negative split second hour at IMRP
PM: Bike :25 8.5k easy commute/recovery

Energy 7/10
Motivation 8/10
Work 5 hours
Sleep 7 hours broken.

Total 21:35 (8)
Swim —
Bike 15:05 340.5k (4)
Run 6:30 73.5k (4)

21 hours is a good solid week of training, certainly it’s a good weeks biking and running, but there’s not a single swim. I say this way too regularly, I need to swim more…

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