This week will likely see a reduction in training hours due to work which as it happens is well timed. I’m starting to feel the effects of the last big block. Ironman visits Dublin for the 70.3 this week on its European Tour and we are the bike partner so it will mean a very busy weekend in work. It’s one of the races I would rather work at than race as I’m able to enjoy the buzz of a huge event without having to worry about racing it. Anyway click on through for this weeks update.

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Monday 8 4:20 (2)

Run 3:00 33k

Bike 1:20 30k

The run was a build run gradually picking up the pace finishing the last hour fastest and felt pretty easy. The evening ride was on the mountain bike keeping Ais company on her run and was just an easy spin to help speed up recovery after the long run in the morning.

Tuesday 9 


Wednesday 10 3:00 (2)

Swim 1:20 3400m easy

Bike 1:40 57k easy/steady turbo

Thursday 11 1:40 (1)

Bike 1:40 60k turbo

The turbo included an hour of hard intervals, as I’ve learned from the likes of Bryan Mc Crystal and Damien Shaw if time is limited hit it short and hard.

Friday 12 1:40 (1)

Bike 1:25 44k

Run :15 3k

This is one of my favourite sessions and one I haven’t done for quite a while. It’s an alternating brick switching from the turbo to the treadmill repeatedly over the duration. Although it’s physically hard, mentally it can be one of those very easy to do sessions as I don’t think about the total duration of the workout I’m only focusing on the next couple of minutes until I switch from bike to run or vice versa. This was about as short as I do this workout for (I’ve done close to fours hours at it before) again time is tight this week so for a change it’s all about quality over volume.

Saturday 13


Sunday 14


After working at Iron Dublin 70.3 two years in a row I think I’d fancy giving it a crack next year.
Although hours wise it was a much easier training week than any I’ve done in the last month I managed to get some good sessions done, particularly on the turbo. There was a big drop off in running as I could feel a couple of little niggles starting after the 3 big run weeks. They were fine by the end of the week as a result of just a couple of days off. It’s one of the best aspects of triathlon that if you feel the start of an injury it’s easy to back right off whatever sport is suffering and focus on one or both of the other two. Where a single sport athlete might be tempted to keep on pushing until it becomes chronic as they don’t have the other two sports to fall back on.

Anyway a good week and I’m feeling ready to start to build again and I’m looking forward to what really will be the last block of training before Ironman Mallorca in 6 weeks.

Weekly Totals Hours/Sessions

Total 10:40 (6)

Swim 1:20 3400 (1) 

Bike 6:05 191k (4)

Run 3:15 36k (2)

S&C —

Monthly Accumulated Hours/Sessions

Total 32:40 (19)

Swim 5:15 14400 (4)

Bike 14:50 456k (6)

Run 12:10 139k (9)

S&C :25 (1) 

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