Day three.
Swimming like a boss.
Ok so a very slow swimming boss but I’m still on track. The day started with a 2.9k swim. I was aiming for 3k but lost count and it was only during breakfast that I realised I was short.

Session two was a steady three hour bike with a coffee stop. It was also mostly spent in a big gear the legs were tired and complaining after three days of over gear work.

After the bike I got in to do an easy swim clocking up 1100m for a daily total of 4k and a camp total so far of 13,000m still bang on target. I need a 5k day and three 4k days to hit the target of 30,000m 30km swimming this week.

Myself and Ais were feeling good and snuck out for a short easy trail run before dinner to end up with 5 hours training again for the day.

Day four

My arms are so tired I can hardly reach above my head. My lats and triceps are so swollen they are bulging against each other. I’m still loving the swimming but I’m seriously doubting the wisdom of aiming for a 30k week three weeks after getting back in the water following a two year break. You can see where having a coach to keep a leash on me is a good idea. The funny thing is that Ais is now loving the whole swim week thing and after some consideration she is all for it so there is no backing out now. This mornings swim was only 2000m. My excuse? the heating has gone off in the pool and it’s baltic. The actual reason? It’s an easy day on the camp and most of today will be spent horizontal, and I don’t mean in the pool. I mean soaking up the rays.

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Session two. I got in did my second 2000m and got out. That’s me done for the day. Good intentions to add in a two hour easy bike ride to the coffee shop and back were shelved in favour of lounging around the pool.

Todays lesson. When you actually make sure to pack the sun block it is then an exceedingly good idea to use it. My lack of hair might be an aerodynamic aid and great for staying cool in the heat but it offers scant protection from the sun. I arrived in to dinner to various funny comments about my glowing red head but when it turns to a golden bronzed tan they will be laughing on the other side of their faces (unless of course they still have all of their hair in which case they will still be laughing at my bald brown head)

The Portuguese coaches look at the Irish frying themselves like lobsters and think we are crazy but they would understand if they lived in a country where the summer lasts two weeks.

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