This week is likely to be a bit manic what with getting married on Saturday and all. One of the benefits or maybe peculiarities of being coached by Aisling is that I’m not trying to explain why I’m still training on the Saturday morning of the wedding. Rather she’s the one suggesting that we run the local Parkrun in Tramore before the wedding in Waterford. She’s also trying to load the beginning of the week as much as possible knowing that there may not be much done over the weekend.

Monday 17 2:30 (2) 

Swim 1:30 4000

10×300 paddles coming in on 5:30-5:37 for most rec :30

Bike PM 1:00 34k 40 mins turbo top Z2 @ 230w.

Tuesday 18 2:55 (4)

Run :30 5k easy

Bike 1:00 34k turbo

Run :55 10k easy.


The bike session was short sharp lactate threshold intervals. I’ve a blog on the way about the benefits of fitting in shorter sessions for Ironman training.

Wednesday 19 :30 (1)

Bike :30 12k

We were in the U.K. for a product training day Raleigh. It meant a very early flight out  and a very late flight back so I wasn’t expecting to get anything done today but we got to play on some of their electric mountain bikes during lunch. Now I know what you’re thinking. Electric bikes aren’t exactly a workout Rob. But the trails we rode were rolling and there was plenty of pedalling. Especially as a couple of us got sort of competitive and started to race a bit. I managed to keep it rubber side down despite a couple of wobbly moments. So it goes in the training diary as a 30 minute 12k session. They’re guesses but I reckon it was quite a bit more than 30 minutes as we were almost late coming back from it.

Thursday 20 2:05 (2)


Swim 1:45 5400m

20m pool

No real plan for this other than to get a long swim done. Unusually I’d a couple of hours free in the evening and slotted in this session. To be honest it was a bit of an effort to drag my arse to the pool after eating a big dinner but I promised myself I’d go easy so it could settle. I had moments of sublime oneness with the water immediately followed by periods where I felt like I was flailing around like a blind three legged pig riding a bike. I am starting to feel strong in the water and that I’m able to hold onto decent technique for a good portion of the swim before fatigue turns me into a marshmallow. In the end I got quite a kick out of getting a good long swim done. In the back of my mind the promise I’ve made to Patrick to have a crack at the 100×100’s is keeping me honest with the long swims. But I reckon that if I get through a couple of 6-6.5k swims I’m ready. If we weren’t doing Ironman Brazil in 4 weeks I’d have a go at it early November. As it is now I think it’ll be a December project. I’m looking forward to it with equal measures of terror and excitement.

Friday 21 


Saturday 22 :25 (1)

Run :25 5k Parkrun

There’s the rather important matter of a wedding today. Myself and Ais are getting married but before it all kicks off we headed out to do the Tramore Parkrun. Huge thanks to the Tramore gang for the welcome and the wedding presents.

Sunday 23 1:00 (1)

Run 1:00 11.5k

There was no sore head this morning as we don’t drink but I really struggle with the late nights and last night was really late for me. Every one was quite impressed that I stayed up past 1am. I’m like a toddler, I’m wiped out for days if if I’m up past my bedtime.

Total 8:55 (10)

Swim 3:15 9400m (2)

Bike 2:30 80k (3)

Run 2:50 31.5k (4) 

S&C :20 (1)

Accumulated 37:25 (36)

Swim 8:25 24,500m (7)

Bike 16:35 515k (12)

Run 11:40 140k (15)

S&C :35 (2)

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