So, we’ve decided on our next race. We’re doing Ironman Brazil on the 20th of November. It was actually Ais’s suggestion that we go again straight away. She enjoyed Mallorca so much she was looking up races the next day. To be honest I don’t know if I’ll be any closer to qualifying fitness based on the amount of training I can fit in in the 6 weeks or so between Mallorca and Brazil but I’m all up for taking a crack at it. I really enjoyed racing Mallorca too and have a real hunger to go again straight away. Brazil looks like being a challenging race. A hard non wetsuit swim and typically very high temperatures should combine to make it a hard day.

So we’re back training as much as we can manage with all that’s going on for the next week or so.

Did I mention that we’re getting married in a week?

Read on for the weeks update.

Monday 10 3:40 (2)

Run :40 7k easy jog. Felt pretty good

Bike 3:00 100k turbo. Last 2 hours with heat turned up high. All easy Z1/Z2.

Tuesday 11 1:15 (1)

Swim 1:15 3500m 5×400 faster than IMRP finished with 300 big paddles.

Splits for the 400’s 7:27, 7:25, 7:27, 7:22, 7:32. NAC 50m pool.

Wednesday 12 1:55 (2)

Run :30 5k easy with The Coops & Asho

Bike 1:25 38k turbo with heat on 5×6 min BG

Thursday 13 2:30 (1)

Run 2:30 28k

Session split between outdoors then straight onto the treadmill with the heat on. Weather got really bad. A storm moved in and it dumped down rain and there was savage winds and it would have been hard to get the quality done so opted to switch onto treadmill.

I was sore after this run. Niggly injury sore, not big run sore. Gotta sort this out, I don’t have the luxury of time to be fixing injuries with an Ironman only 5 weeks away.

Friday 14 1:25 (1) 

Bike 1:25 46k

Short hard intervals on the turbo.

I was down to do a swim today as well but Ais decided that I should bank what I’ve gotten done this week and not push too hard yet. My training before Mallorca was so inconsistent she’s worried that I’ll tip over the edge again. I felt good and really wanted to get the session in, more because of the lack of swims this week than anything else. But I trust Aisling’s judgement more than I trust my desire to push on and on.

I’ve an easy run on tomorrow and the weeks key session is a long bike & run on Sunday so it’s more important that I’m ok for that one.

Saturday 15 2:05 (2)

Bike 1:00 33.5k 45 min top Z2

Swim 1:05 3000m

I bailed on the run as the hip/groin/glute area was still sore. An hour on the turbo and a decent strength focused swim replaced it.

Sunday 16 4:10 (2)

Bike 3:30 109k turbo.

Run :40 8k easy pace outdoors

Bike session was planned 4-4.5hr inc 3×50 min top Z2. Started overheating quite badly so pulled the plug 35 mins into the third interval with a total of 3:30 done. Went through 5x 600ml bottles of Zero (lost 1.5-2kg estimated)
The run felt pretty good I had a Physio session with Cillian yesterday afternoon and thought it would be sore afterwards but it actually felt really good. I think it might be ok with just one more session with him.

Total 16:00 (11)

Swim 2:20 6500m (2)

Bike 10:20 326.5k (5)

Run 3:20 52k (4)

S&C —

Accumulated 28:30 (26)

Swim 5:10 15100 (5)

Bike 14:05 435k (9)

Run 8:50 108.5k (11)

S&C :15 (1)
16 hours is a decent weeks training and bar the slight hip issue I’m feeling good. Probably better than I have in a long time. I would have really liked a longer bike session on Sunday but I’ll have to be satisfied with the thought that 3.5 hours of structured quality work on the turbo is probably worth more like 4-4.5 hours on the road. There’s also the potential benefit of doing it in a very hot humid room.

Another point worth noting is that my power figures have come up significantly in the couple of weeks since I’ve been back training. I’m easily holding over 40w more in Z2 than I was 2 weeks ago. I’m also holding that power for close to three hours compared with less than 40 minutes when I started back. It’s not that I’ve improved by that much that quickly, rather that I feel like I’ve recovered well and am regaining fitness reasonably quickly.

Next week is likely to be fairly disrupted from a training point of view with the wedding on Saturday so we will try to get as much as possible done early in the week.

If you are interested in talking to us about coaching you can contact us here. I promise we wont have you running a split run 40k day, certainly not in the first month anyway.

I keep a weekly training blog over here if you want to see what I get up to with my own training.

Thanks for reading


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