There’s an almost universal fascination with what other people do. Look at reality TV, well maybe don’t look at it because it’s rubbish but look at how much people love it. In sports terms we all want to know what the successful athletes do to give them the edge. What’s their #killersession? For me, and I would guess most athletes there’s the same sort of fascination with what those athletes do differently to us. In a series of posts over the coming months I’ll write about my favourite sessions and also the best I have found across not just triathlon but across all three individual sports.

This weeks session is the one from the training diaries of Julian Goater who won the English National cross country title in 1981, finished fourth in the World Cross Country Championships, and took bronze in the 10,000m in the 1982 Commonwealth Games.

The session which he did a week to 10 days out from a big race, would be 6 sets of 2x300m. This would be on the road, not on the track, and on a slight incline.

The first 300 was run downhill, fast and relaxed without any big effort. It was followed by 20 seconds rest before running back up the incline with the target of doing it in the same time as the downhill run. Something that Goater found “extremely difficult to do” there was a full three minute recovery between sets.

“As it was on the road, times became irrelevant. But I knew from completing this session – how I felt doing it – whether I was in shape. It was key for me”

Some of the key things this session works on are pacing and self control. Start too fast and you won’t be able to finish the session correctly, you’ll blow up and finish too slowly. Both pacing and self control are key skills needed for racing and I’m a big believer in practicing race skills in training.

It can also help with improving leg speed on the downhill sections, something I tend to struggle with.

The idea for this blog came when I first came across this post on Athletics Weekly and I thought it would make an interesting series of posts here covering not only running but swimming, biking and probably most relevantly triathlon.

What’s your #killersession ? Let me know in the comments below.


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