There’s a couple of very good triathlete’s blogs that I follow and they cover everything from being from entertaining to informative. Here’s my current top 5 Professional and Age Group Ironman Triathlon blogs.


Bryan Mc Crystal

I would have to start with our very own Bryan Mc Crystal. Current Irish Ironman record holder and in my opinion the most exciting Irish triathlete bar none. An absolute axe on the bike and a big unit to boot Bryan has been setting not only the Irish twittersphere alight with his racing antics but went and got himself front and centre on the Ironman Hawaii coverage as he led the amateur race off the bike by a substantial margin. You can check out his blog updates here or on his Facebook page where he does regular video blogs too. And check out that cover image of him leading the field in Kona. There’s no one even in the same picture as him!


Lionel Sanders

I’ve been a big fan of Lionel Sanders ever since I heard his inspirational story of turning his life around after some pretty serious drug use and abuse. He has a very informative and well thought out posts examining his experiences, mistakes and successes in training and racing. You can check out his blog here. Tell him Rob sent ya.


Alan Ryan

I’ve posted before about the antics two time Kona podium finisher and all round good guy Alan Ryan gets up to. Between running on the treadmill wearing a 20kg weighted vest and doing almost all his bike training on the turbo you can follow his entertaining blog and training updates here.


Joe Skipper

Joe Skipper is a U.K based Pro who is also a bit of an animal on the bike and he is also the U.K Ironman record holder after being the first Brit to go Sub 8 in Roth earlier this year. I’ve heard a number of his interviews and he’s a pretty funny easy going guy. You can check out his updates and blogs here


Emma Bilham

Someone who doesn’t post too regularly is new pro Emma Bilham but she deserves a mention for one of the most entertaining posts I’ve read about the challenges of turning pro in a post titled Tales Of The Little Cabbage

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