Did you ever wonder what it takes to get to the Ironman World Champs in Kona? It’s easy to think it’s just talent. You either have it or you don’t. Alan Ryan shows us that it’s more about doing the work than being born with the correct genes. He also shows us that maybe it was a touch of craziness that took him onto the podium in Kona not once but twice. God help his kids…


Locally Alan is renowned for doing some crazy sessions like spending several hours in a sauna on a turbo trainer while preparing for Kona a couple of years ago. He has also been know to do the old school hardcore stuff like run with ankle weights. But I thought he had put all of that behind him and cleaned up his act. Maybe not so much….

In this video he shows us the sort of training he employs to get himself in shape not just to qualify for Kona or podium there but this year he is setting out with the aim of winning his age group at the Ironman World Champs. After watching this I’m glad he’s not in my age group. The video at 10 minutes is a bit long by todays short attention span standards, someone told me about something called vine that the young peeps play that is all about 6 second videos? Sometimes I feel like an old person… Anyway check out Alan’s video below it will blow your mind, it certainly made me feel like I’m almost normal by comparison.

You can also head on over to his blog and check out all the other stuff he gets up to, he’s very entertaining. Tell him Rob sent ya.

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