I’ve been feeling like I’m getting to the limits that I can push before I need to back off for a few easy days. We don’t work off a three week on, one week off model. Instead we keep building up until we decide that I’m at the limit of not just what I can do but more importantly what training I can do and absorb and benefit from.

This is always a bit of a balancing act as we are trying to push the body into adaptations but we don’t want to push so far that I get injured or sick. As it is I’ve been carrying a very mild sinus infection for about five weeks. It’s not getting any worse but it’s also not clearing up. I think it’s tied to the allergies I suffered with for most of last year but I seem to be able to manage it and hold it at bay a little better so far this year.

Another important difference this year to last is that I’m already starting to feel the training adaptations and see improvements in my running and biking as I would expect given the current training load. Anyway let’s get on with the weeks training.

Monday 6 2:00 (1)Bike 2:00 60k

We started doing turbo classes in the shop six or seven years ago. Mostly because when we told people that we did two or three hour sessions ourselves, for the most part they were incredulous and wanted to know how anyone managed to stay on the turbo that long.

So we started doing a class on Monday’s when this sold out we added a second one mid week. They were two hours of the hardest training any of us had ever done. It’s funny how much harder you push yourself in a group environment and as a result I found I made big gains on the bike over the first couple of months.

The sessions are slightly different now as I’m able to apply the lessons I’ve learned over the last number of years and I think that as a result the benefits should be better.

Monday’s session was all about lactate which when it comes to training is just another way to say pain. But there something so unbelievably satisfying about finishing such a hard workout.

A few people have asked what the sessions are so I will post a couple of them over the next few weeks.

Energy 8/10

Motivation 10/10

Work off

Sleep 8+ hours (good)

Tuesday 7

Energy 7/10

Motivation 7/10

Work 2 hours

Sleep 9 hours very good

Wednesday 8 2:05 (1)

Run 2:05 25k

5×15 off 3 mins


4:38, 4:34, 4:30

4:36, 4:35, 4:26

4:26, 4:29, 4:25

4:39, 4:31, 4:35

4:41, 4:41, 4:40

I have memories of doing this session quite a bit faster in previous years. I guess I just have to forget about how fit or fast I may have been before and get on with it. Of course there’s always the possibility that maybe I’m remembering through rose tinted glasses and that I wasn’t any faster back then. But I’m not so sure about that.

Energy 8/10

Motivation high

Work 5 hours

Sleep 6.5 hours. Good

Thursday 9 3:15 (2)

Swim 1:05 3000m

Bike 2:10 45k hills

Friday 10 1:15 (1)

Run 1:15 15k

Energy 7/10

Motivation: high

Work 8 hours

Sleep 8.5 hours (good)

Saturday 11 1:10 (1)

Bike 1:10 27k
Energy 2/10

Motivation 2/10

Work 7 hours

It turns out I wasn’t feeling great for this ride. I went out with Cillian as he was doing a long block of Zone 2 work. I thought at worst I’d just sit in behind him and get a couple of hours drafting. Ten minutes after he started the Z2 stuff we were going up a long gentle drag and I was nailed onto his wheel and almost chewing on the handlebars as I looked at the speedo hover at around 38kph.

On a drag! In February! Jesus what will he be like in season? I managed to ride up alongside him long enough to ask what his heart rate was and he looked down, checked and replied it was just after dropping down into Z1. I nearly fell off the bike. I tucked in behind again as he brought his heart rate back up to Z2 and I again found myself chewing on the handlebars.

I was working way harder than I should have been and I realised that what was supposed to be a long easy ride would end up killing me so I decided to pull the plug. I let Cillian ride away and I sat up. In the end I felt so tired and flat that I cut the whole ride short and went to Costa to lick my wounds and enjoy the healing powers of coffee and cake.

Sunday 12

Off sick

I think I tipped slightly over the limit I spoke about at the start of the post. I woke on Sunday and the mild infection I’d been carrying had worsened overnight so I skipped the planned run and took the day off. It also explains why I was struggling so badly to even sit on Cillian’s wheel yesterday. Hopefully it doesn’t take me any more than a couple of days of no training and then a few easy sessions to recover.

Even so a ten hour week isn’t bad considering I missed the two big days at the weekend.

Total hours/sessions 9:45 (6)

Swim 1:05 3000m (1)

Bike 5:20 122k (3) 

Run 3:20 40k (2)

S&C —

Monthly Accumulated 

Total 21:30 (15)

Swim 1:50 5000m (2)

Bike 8:50 210k (4)

Run 9:45 109k (7)

S&C 1:00 (2)

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