I started the year really tired and feeling almost burnt out. It took quite a bit longer to recover from the last few races of 2016 than I’d anticipated but as we get to the end of January I’m finally starting to feel normal again.

I’m also really enjoying the feeling of returning fitness and the unique buzz that comes from just running. Most of my training this month was done on my feet which means that I’ve made reasonably quick initial progress as I mostly just focus on the one sport.

Even with the gains I’ve made though, it’s hard at this stage to see how I’ll hold my target marathon pace for 26 miles. I know I shouldn’t focus or worry about something that is still over two months away but every so often (usually when I’m struggling during some of my faster efforts) I can’t help but wonder how the hell I’ll run this fast for hours…

Monday 23 —


Tuesday 1:15 (1)

Run 1:15 15k

Build run

4K easy, 4K at marathon pace +30 sec, 4K at marathon pace, 2k at 5k pace
Energy 8/10.

The motivation to train is coming back and it’s much more consistent. I had been struggling to find my training mojo over the last month but I’m finally starting to not only enjoy the sessions but look forward to them. I’m itching to get out and do them instead of dreading the thoughts of a three hour bike ride.

Motivation 8/10

Work off

Sleep 8+ hours. Good

Wednesday 1:45 (2)

Run AM 1:00 12k

7x 3,2,1’s (easy, medium, hard)

I really like this session, it’s one that’s deceptively simple on paper and only has seven minutes of hard work over an hour but when you do the hard bit hard you really feel those seven minutes.

The first couple felt, if not quite easy, at least enjoyable. The speed felt good at that stage just because the discomfort hadn’t caught up with me yet. The third and fourth started to hurt but it the last three that were really uncomfortable. Somehow the three minute jog recovery that felt long for the first few had shrunken and now felt really short.

Run PM :45 7.5k

This was an easy run home. I’m starting to incorporate the commute a bit more in my training just because it’s a very easy way to add in a few easy sessions.
Energy 8/10

Motivation 9/10

Work 5 hours

Sleep 8 hours – good

Thursday 26

Run 1:00 10k

Easy Z1 run

Friday 27 1:00 (1)

Run 1:00 10.5k

Easy Z1 run. Very tired today.

Energy 4/10

Motivation 5/10

Work 9 hours

Sleep 8 hours

Saturday 28 2:45 (2)

Run :30 5k

Bike 2:15 49k 3×9 min bg

Still feeling a bit flat and tired. I cut the bike session a bit short after doing the hill reps. I think there is still a little bit of the sore throat/cold from last week lingering on and it’s affecting my recovery. I don’t feel it’s bad enough to not train but it is slightly affecting the quality of the work.

Energy 4/10

Motivation 4/10

Work 7 hours

Sleep 6 hours (good)

Sunday 29 3:25 (2)

Run 2:55 32.5k

Really good run this morning. I was still tired at the start but at about the two hour mark I felt great and myself and Fergal pushed on a bit and we ran a very strong negative split. I was so happy with our work that I had a big cooked breakfast in the cafe in the Phoenix park and followed it with a chocolate cake. Talk about taking one step forward and two back…

S&C :30
Energy 8/10

Motivation 8/10

Work 6 hours

Sleep 8+ hours good

Weekly totals hours & sessions

Total 11:45 (9)

Swim —

Bike 2:15 49k (1)

Run 9:00 92.5k (7)

S&C :30 (1)

Monthly accumulated hours & sessions

Total 46:00 (34)

Swim —

Bike 10:55 258.5k (7)

Run 33:55 349.5k (25)

S&C 1:10 (2)

It has been pointed out to me that despite saying in my 2016 review here and here that I would focus on swimming more in 2017 after not doing nearly enough in the water last year that I haven’t dipped my toe in the water once in all of January. I promise to rectify this in February…


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