We are only three weeks out from Boston marathon at this stage and I’m looking forward to my first attempt to run a quick time in a marathon in probably four or five years. In fact I can’t remember the last time I trained for and ran a hard, stand alone marathon. All of the ones I’ve done in recent years have been run easy as long training days or have come at the back end on an Ironman. Physically I’m feeling good and am confident that I’m in reasonably decent shape but I’m aiming for a time that’s going to be right at the edge of my current fitness.

Monday 20


Tuesday 21 1:45 (2)

Run 1:05 11.5k Easy run

S&C :40 John Belton

Wednesday 22 :50 (1)

Run :50 9.5k
Started out to do one hour at just faster than marathon pace. I did a two kilometre easy warm up which brought me to the lap that I’ve run this session on for the last few weeks. Right from the start I struggled to hold the pace and after 2k I decided to ignore the watch and just go on effort. The Garmin beeped for 3k and my pace had dropped further (I wasn’t doing so well at ignoring the watch…) I dug in again and the next time the Garmin beeped at 4K I pulled the plug on the session.

My pace had dropped again and I just couldn’t hold onto the correct effort. Instead of crawling around and wasting a run I decided to just head home, recover and try to do the session later in the week.

Energy low

Motivation 5/10

Work 5 hours

Sleep 8 hours (good)

Thursday 23 :55 (1)

Swim :55 2500m easy session
Energy 6/10

Motivation 7/10

Work 8 hours

Sleep 8 hours disturbed

Friday 24 2:25 (1)

Bike 2:25 56k

Feeling much better today but Ais want’s me to stay off the legs until I get them sorted, the shins and calves are still pretty sore. I had a session with Cillian this week and the legs were unbelievably tight before it. They are getting better but I think it will take another couple of sessions with him (and actually doing the homework myself too…)
Energy 7/10

Motivation 6/10

Work 8 hours

Sleep 7.5 hours good

Saturday 25 2:50 (1)

Bike 2:50 64k

Felt good again today, the energy levels are back to normal both yesterday and today were hilly hard rides on the bike and I felt good and fit on the climbs, the running fitness is transferring well onto the bike although my power is down.

Sunday 26 3:00 (1)

Run 3:00 34k

After a week of much easier running this was the main run session of the week and the couple of days of no running paid off. I could still feel fatigue in the legs from the last two days biking right from the start but it wasn’t slowing me down noticeably and the soreness in the calves was almost gone.

We cruised a very easy 15k in the first 90 minutes and picked up the pace all the way to the end covering 19k in the second 90 minutes. I blew up a little with 2k to go but I think that’s a lack of what pace awareness. On a build run as I get close to my limit for the last portion of the run I sometimes find it hard to know if I’m going just a little too hard. It takes me a couple of runs to recognise that point when I go too hard and tip myself over the edge. I probably pushed too hard with about 6k to go and couldn’t hold the pace right to the end but it’s a good lesson to re-learn.

Total 12:05 (7)

Swim :55 2:30 (1)

Bike 5:15 120k (2)

Run 4:55 55k (3)

S&C :40 (1)


Total 41:40 (31)

Swim 2:55 8100 (3)

Bike 8:25 209k (5)

Run 26:50 291k (21) 

S&C 1:10 (2)

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