They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, or something like that. This weeks featured image probably tells the story better than I can. Having bits of your body fall off is not something that you tend to share with peeps, maybe with the exception of medical professionals. And you certainly are not likely to be charming someone with cast off toe nails.

It’s not like getting a text from your wife telling you that she has found your missing wallet or car keys. This would most likely be met with a feeling of relief. Finding someone else’s old, dead, blackened toenail in the washing does not go down so well.

I noticed that the toenail was missing when I was showering after a hard 20k run and despite searching the bathroom and going through my run kit I couldn’t find it. I went back to the shower to be sure I hadn’t misplaced it in there.


I looked at the drain hole then back at my “nailless” left big toe and back at the drain again trying to work out if the holes in the drain were big enough that the nail might have somehow fit in there. I didn’t really think so but there was still no toenail to be seen anywhere else so I assumed that it had somehow made it’s way down the drain.

I was in work innocently carrying on about my business the following day when the “I found your toenail” text came through from Aisling.

This might not go down so well I thought to myself…

But Asho is a runner too she understands how it goes…

She rarely has all of her toenails either although her feet are prettier than mine…

The next text confirmed my suspicions that she was not impressed.

I was working with Orla at the time and she looked around at my laughter. She only commented that I was lucky that Ais loved me…

I was actually quite proud of my blackened, gnarly, Ironman earned, toenails. But now I need to get used to looking at these ugly, misshapen Quasimodo toes with only their little stump of a nail. They don’t look anywhere near as hardcore. Just plain old ugly. 

Anyway lets move on.

Monday 13 Off

Tuesday 14 1:35 (2)

Run 1:05 12.5k

S&C :30 John Belton

We are back working with John in his very cool new gym in the city. Go check it out and tell him Rob and Ais sent ya.

Wednesday 15 :55 (1)

Run :55 10k 3,2,1’s

This was a short hard session. I always like to see the 3,2,1’s on the plan. I like it less when I’m half way through the session.

Thursday 16 2:30 (2)

Swim 1:00 2900m

Bike 1:30 41k Z2 80rpm

Friday 17 1:30 (1)

Run 1:30 19.5k
This was the same session as last week, 1 hour at just above marathon pace. I pushed a little harder to see if I could do better than last week. After starting faster I faded a bit more than last week towards the end of the run.

I only finished up covering 50m more than last week but allowing that the weather was worse and the wind was affecting the pace quite considerably for half the lap I was happy to improve the distance at all.

Saturday 18 :55 (1)

Run :55 11k
It’s funny that running flat out for 5k at the Parkrun on Saturday I averaged 4:01/km. For the one hour time trial yesterday I averaged about 4:15/km. I just don’t seem to have any other gears, but the one I have got I can hang onto for a reasonably long time.

I suppose there was also a residual fatigue and some soreness after yesterday’s hard run which would have impacted today’s speed. At least that’s what I’m telling myself….

Sunday 19 1:35 (1)

Run 1:35 16k

How do you know if you’re a runner or a triathlete?

If after three months of predominately running and very little cycling or swimming your legs are in a complete jock then like me you’re probably more suited to triathlon.

I started this mornings run wearing calf guards which I never do. For me calf guards are mostly reserved for wearing in bed. Not as a result of some kinky perversion, rather to help deal with my constantly twitching, cramping left calf.

The legs are pretty beat up and a big part of it is my own fault. I haven’t done any maintenance, foam rolling, stretching or gotten a massage lately.

I’ll do a couple of sessions with Cillian this week and next to sort them out before Boston marathon which is now only 4 weeks away.

Total 9:30 (8)

Swim 1:00 2900m (1)

Bike 1:30 41k (1)

Run 6:30 69k (5)

S&C :30 (1)

Monthly accumulated

Total 27:35 (24)

Swim 2:00 5800m (2)

Bike 3:10 89k   (3)

Run 21:55 236k (18)

S&C :30 (1)

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