After last weeks lack of motivation and the resulting drop in training volume, this week sees a return to a more normal level. In fact this is the biggest run week I’ve had in several years. I also had a bit of a breakthrough session mid week. Click on through for the weeks update. 

Monday 6 1:35 (1)

Run 1:35 17.5k

Build run 9k easy, 8k at just above marathon effort.

Tuesday 7 —


Wednesday 8 2:15 (2)

AM Run 1:30 20k

Including 1 hour at just faster than target marathon pace.

PM Run :45 7.5k easy

The morning run was pretty tough but I was very happy with the result. I could have gone on at that pace for a bit further but not, like, 26k further. I keep a record of time trial sessions that I do each year and I looked back on my run ones for 2012 and ’13 and found that I’d done a 1 hour time trial in February 2012 which was the first year I qualified for Kona so I was training hard and in reasonable shape at that stage. In that session on a similar course and in similar weather conditions I did 14.5km in the hour. Today I did 14.1km and at an effort that wasn’t completely flat out. I was pretty surprised and to be honest really delighted with the result. It’s good to start to see numbers that I haven’t seen in close to five years.

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Thursday 9 3:00 (3)

Swim 1:00 2900 (Including 1600m of intervals with medium paddles, pull buoy and band)

Run 1:30 15.5k

Bike :30 12k

Friday 10 1:10 (1)

Bike 1:10 36k turbo 40 mins top z2 80rpm

Saturday 11 2:05 (1)

Run 2:05 22k

Myself and Ais were out early to set up for Parkrun and we were also measuring a new course so I ended up with about 13k of easy running before I even started the race. Add in another 4k of a cool down and today ended up being a decent medium run.

Sunday 12 3:10 (1)

Run 3:10 34k

Our usual grass, trail and muddy loop of the Phoenix park although it was quite a bit drier than last week. Again we ran a negative split doing the second 17k lap about 13 minutes faster than the first. The legs were really feeling it by the end though and I spent the rest of the day eating all around me. The week ended up at 116km of running which is the biggest single week I’ve done in about four years.

Overall I’m very happy with how the training is going. The body seems to be handling it much better than last year and I’m seeing regular improvements which I wasn’t last year.


Total 13:15 (12)

Swim 1:00 2900 (1)

Bike 1:40 48k (2)

Run 10:35 116k (9)

S&C —

Monthly accumulated hours & sessions

Total 18:05 (16)

Swim 1:00 2900 (1)

Bike 1:40 48k (2)

Run 15:25 167k (13)

S&C —