If you’ve never experienced one it’s difficult to describe just how hard the two hour turbo class we do on Monday’s are. We had one of the lads lose his lunch about 30 minutes into the session this week. He had to spend five minutes in the toilet but then he came down, got back on the bike and finished out the session.
I was really impressed.
I’ve only puked off the side of the bike a couple of times in my 18 years cycling. Once was during a mountain bike race and once in a road bike race. It’s very unpleasant and it’s hard to come back from but Joe dug in and kept going.
We have a couple of spaces left in the current block of classes if you fancy joining us drop Grace a call in the shop and she will sort you out the number is 01 6201000. All you need is a bike, towels, water and your kit. You can even rent a turbo if you don’t have your own and we will provide the bucket if you can push hard enough that you need one. Just ask Joe.
Anyway let’s get on with the weeks training.

Monday 30 2:00 (1) 
Bike 2:00 60k
Vo2 max and lactate threshold session and this one hurts like you won’t believe. It’s a combination of pushing your lactate threshold up from below which is unpleasant and pulling it up from above which is even more unpleasant.
Best. Session. Of. The. Week.
We have to to be some sort of masochists.

Tuesday 31 2:05 (2)

AM Run 1:20 16k
PM Run :45 7.5k

Wednesday 1 2:05 (2) 
AM Run 1:20 15k
PM Run :45 7.5k

Thursday 2 2:25 (4)
Swim :45 2000m
I really enjoyed being back in the water for the first time this year, despite how slowly I was moving.
AM Run :25 4.5k easy
Lunch Run :45 7.5 easy
PM S&C :30
Four sessions in a day. Haven’t done that in a while. Although at only 2h25 total training time between them all it’s not really anything to boast about. I’ve done longer runs recently.



Saturday 4:00 (2)

Bike 3:30 88k


Sunday 3:10 (1)
Run 3:10 34.5k
Long easy run on grass. Negative split 1:39 first 17k 1:31 second 17k

Total hours 15:45 (12)

Swim :45 2000 (1)

Bike 5:30 148k (2)

Run 8:30 92.5k (7)

S&C 1:00 (2)

Swim, bike, run and strength and conditioning sessions and over fifteen hours of training all add up to feeling like a triathlete again. I really enjoyed the week. Motivation and energy levels were high almost every day and the training went well.

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