In 2017 we had a record amount of athletes race the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Before the start of November and only two months into the current qualification period we already have 3 athletes qualified for the October 2018 race.

Click on through to see who has ticked the Kona box so far…


James Curran racing in the 30-34 age group at Ironman Vichy not only took a spot on the podium as well as a Kona slot he went sub 9 in the process. James had a very strong bike and run to Take a top 10 overall at the French Ironman.

Swim 1:06:41
T1 3:02
Bike 4:38:43
T2 ??
Run 3:06:48



Donnacha Holmes not only took a Kona slot but he took the 40-44 age group win at Ironman Maryland on October 7th.

Swim 1:02:23
T1 4:04
Bike 4:41:41
T2 3:46
Run 3:14:54



Long time athlete Martin Kirwan raced Ironman Chattanooga on the 24th of September and took his first Kona qualification. Martin was racing in the 40-44 age group and finished in 4th.

Swim 58:26
T1 6:29
Bike 5:12:41
T2 4:36
Run 3:27