Updated 7th April 2017

It’s looking like 2017 is going to be a bumper year for Irish triathletes racing on the big island in Kona next year. With 11 months still to go to the race which means there’s almost 10 months still left to qualify it’s looking likely that we will have the largest Irish showing yet. If you know of anyone who’s qualified and has accepted their slot whom I’ve missed please let me know who they are and where they qualified and I’ll update the list to include them.

Cillian “The Moff” Moffat:

Club / team: Wheelworx

Age group. 20-24

Number of Kona appearances: First time qualifier

Cillian took home his third Ironman trophy of the year while at the same time taking a Kona slot in Ironman Wales. Cillian races for our very own team at Wheelworx and is the first of our lads to qualify. We had two athletes in Kona this year (2016) and are aiming to increase that number for ’17.

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Oliver Harkin

Club / Team Head honcho at Primed Coaching

Age group 40-44

Number of previous Kona appearances: First time qualifier

Oliver qualified with a real “triathletes race” strong in all three legs and finishing with a very impressive run at the ultra hard Ironman Wales earlier this year. He also took home an Mdot trophy for his efforts with a podium and 2nd in the age group.

Declan Doyle

Team / club: Team Freespeed

Age group: 40-44

Number of previous Kona appearances: 7

Despite the challenges presented by the addition of a little peep to the Doyle/Critchley household Declan once again ran roughshod over all comers in Ironman Weymouth taking the top step on the podium and the big Mdot trophy for the age group. There must be a room just for these at this stage, and yet another Kona slot. Heading out for his 8th appearance on the big island Dec is one of those super exciting go till you blow racers either killing all around him or he will die tying.

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John Woods

Club /team –

Age group 40-44

Number of  previous Kona appearances: 1

John qualified in one of the new 70.3 races in China earlier this year securing his slot almost a year ahead of Kona which will allow a nice relaxed start to the year and a very Kona focused build.


Alan Kenny

Club /team 3D Tri, Dublin.

Age group 35-39

Number of previous Kona appearances: First time qualifier
Alan has the painful honour of missing out on a Kona slot by only 7 seconds in Ironman Mallorca in 2015 so taking a podium and running a sub 3 marathon there against a very stacked field this year should lay those demons to rest. He’s also the recipient of the most questionable shorts worn on an Ironman podium award. Time to update the wardrobe Alan.


Andy Kinanne

Club /team 3d Tri, Dublin

Age group: 35-39

Number of previous Kona appearances: First time qualifier

Andy hails from the same club as Alan Kenny and is also possessed of a weapon of a run. There’s either something in the water or their run coach knows something the rest don’t (having worked with him for a year I can let you in on a secret, he does) Andy took his slot while claiming to not even trying to qualify in another heavily stacked race, Ironman Barcelona.

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Ruaidhri Gerraghty

Club /team Galway Tri club

Age group: 40-44

Number of previous Kona appearances: First time qualifier

Ruaidhri another triathlete with a fast run also took his slot in Barcelona with the holy grail of Ironman, a sub 9 leaving him the luxury of a full year to prepare for his assault on the big island.


Patrick Muckian

Club /team

Age group: 35-39

Number of previous Kona appearances: First time qualifier

I met Patrick earlier this year at Ironman UK where he was getting very close to the Kona slots. He brought the family out to Malaysia and not only scooped his place at the Ironman world championships but also took home an Mdot trophy in the process.

Owen Martin

Club / team: Wheelworx-Asea

Age group. 40-44

Number of Kona appearances: Seven previous appearances.

Owen Martin became an eight time Kona qualifier at Ironman Arizona which is at this stage his regular post Kona and qualifying race for the following season. In a funny result both Owen and Ivan the other Irish qualifier finished only 16 seconds apart. Owen races for our own Asea-Wheelworx team and clocked off a 9:02:16 taking 43rd overall and 3rd in the age group.


Ivan O Gorman
Club Team: Retul
Age group: 35-39
Previous Kona appearances: 6
In the process of qualifying for the seventh time Ivan took another Ironman podium with a second place in his age group and was 41st overall including the pro’s. Ivan lives and works in Boulder. He’s one of the best Retul fitters in the world and can run like you wouldn’t believe. I think his marathon pb in Kona in 40 degree heat is somewhere close to 2 hour 52 minutes


Patrick Muckian who qualified in Ironman Malaysia contacted me to let me know that Colin O Shea also took a slot at the same race finishing 5th in his age group. Colin is a tri coach living and currently lives in Singapore.

Aileen Flynn

Qualified at Ironman South Africa 2017
Age group: 40-44
Previous Kona appearances: 1

After exiting the water in 7th in the age group with a 1:09:12 swim Aileen held almost 33kph average on the bike moving up to 6th. Starting the run, where she has excelled in the past, Aileen ran her way all the way to the front of the age group and in the end won with a massive 15 minutes to spare over 2nd place.



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